The game is not worth it: 20 things to avoid in life

The game is not worth it: 20 things to avoid in life

With experience, you will realize that there are things in life that are better left as they are, like "the game is not worth it" (famous saying). In the meantime, we have tried to put together a list to help you reflect and become aware.

The game is not worth the candle is an idiomatic expression of the Spanish language. The term is used when one wants to express the reluctance to make a sacrifice that will not lead to a proportional benefit.


The game is not worth it:
20 things/situations/behaviors that it is better to avoid in life.

One night stand:

If this is your goal, you will have to prepare yourself for dozens of rejections and work hard to create the right situation. You will most likely end up getting drunk and having bad sex which you will later regret.

Have a lover:

A moment of pleasure, the thrill of something new, is quickly replaced by the lingering paranoia of being caught and the shitty feeling of having cheated on your partner.

Expensive weddings:

Absolutely not. No need, you're not real. A large and expensive wedding puts a lot of pressure on both of you, both in terms of the event and the wedding itself. And even if things go as expected, those expensive photos will end up in a drawer.

Marriage *:

We often get married in a hurry. Make sure you really know that person. Once you are married it will be much more difficult for you to leave and you will end up wasting your best years.

*if he is the right one/or absolutely married.

Trying to persuade someone to love you:

Love and romance should happen organically, not as a result of you trying to sell yourself to someone, sometimes by begging them.

One shot after midnight (last call):

It's time to start drinking water as soon as PM turns into AM. Otherwise, you're just putting yourself on the list for a massive hangover and burned brain cells.

Staying up late:

Just because you can doesn't mean you shouldn't. Turn off the TV. Sleep a bit more.

Do it later:

Nothing in this world destroys more potential than procrastination. Stop procrastinating before all your chances irreversibly vanish. act now

Brilliant Items:

Cool cars and big diamonds will amuse you for a while. But you will soon discover that the pleasant feeling you get after a major purchase soon wears off. And you will also learn that "Looking Rich" is a very expensive hobby.


Outside of health insurance and RCA, insurance is best avoided like the plague. They are services designed to generate high profitability for companies. (Of course, if you're buying an item you plan to abuse, it makes more sense to consider insurance.)

Warranty extensions:

As above.


Stop criticizing, avoid obsessing with yourself. Criticize yourself once and then work to correct your wrong behavior. Don't be your own judge.

Drive recklessly to impress your friends:

I know people who ended up in wheelchairs for life (if not worse) because of this pointless act of swaggering.

Satisfy your parents:

You have to choose your career, not them. Listen to them, but don't necessarily live your life according to their paradigms. Use your head and do what you think is right.

Credit card debt:

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Use credit cards only to improve your credit score (credit worthiness). If you don't have a steady income, you could end up being harassed by debt collection calls for decades.

Scream, hit and push

There are other ways to resolve disputes. Ranting and getting violent never accomplishes anything good.

Taking too many medicines:

If you have a clinically recognized condition, medical treatment is appropriate. But remember: in Spain, as in many other western states, there is an excessive use of drugs. Don't be another person who takes a cocktail of pills every night. If you can, address the root of the problem.

expensive universities:

You don't have to spend a lot of money to go to an ultra-prestigious private university. No university will teach you what you really need to be successful in life (emotional intelligence, resourcefulness, organization, etc...), but will simply provide you with slightly more preparation than public universities. And please: study something that will give you a job later. It doesn't have to be engineering, but make sure you don't get unemployed.

Win an argument:

Does being victorious in an argument have a specific purpose? Or is it just to inflate your ego?


With this summary of reasoning we hope we have made you think at least a little (and not bothered you too much, in this case, we apologize). We also hope we have made you aware that there are many situations in life that are best avoided, such as:

"The game is not worth playing."

If you manage to avoid them, you will live a deeper and more rewarding existence without unnecessary hassles.

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