The details, the greatest demonstration of love

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The details, the greatest demonstration of love

The details, the small gestures keep the flame alive in moments of monotony and heaviness.

Last update: January 28, 2021

Personal relationships grow day by day thanks to experiences shared with partner, family and friends. Cheerfulness, good times, or joint successes help solidify the foundations of these interactions. The same is also true of suffering, disappointments and routine. In this sense, in a relationship, the details can make a difference.

After years of relationship, the details, the small gestures keep the flame alive in moments of monotony and heaviness. For what reason? Because they are the greatest demonstration of love. For example, a candlelit dinner, a relaxing bath or a hug at an unexpected moment can rekindle the flame of passion.

Is routine bad for the couple?

The everyday routine is not a bad thing for the couple, on the contrary, it can help build solid foundations and maintain some organization and stability. And it is precisely in the hectic life of every day that the details of love acquire greater importance.

If the partner always pays attention to the small details, sooner or later they lose their value and become a habit. Sporadic gestures of love, on the other hand, color the routine and are a demonstration of love, concern and affection for the other person.

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to pay attention to details, there are countless of them. Furthermore, on the day of the birthday or anniversary, a show of affection is expected, so they would not bring either surprise or gratification. The details that embellish any day of the week, on the other hand, give freshness and joy.

Focus on the partner

The most important thing is to think about the other person, to turn your gaze and attention towards them. Keep in mind that the gesture is for the partner, not for you, so he must consider it special and make him smile.

All of this has a double effect. On the one hand, we forget about ourselves and our worries in order to focus on the partner, as we think about comments or actions that will surprise him and brighten his day. On the other, if our purpose meets expectations and the partner proves satisfied, the relationship will benefit enormously.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the details must be reciprocal. We all enjoy showing affection, as well as seeing others care about us and our relationship; it is an intrinsic desire of every human being. This does not mean that we can be passive or that we can take advantage of demonstrations of love.

Everything must be bidirectional. We must be active and satisfy the principle of reciprocity that underlies any relationship. Sometimes it is important to put aside our interests and tastes and think only of the partner, of what can make him happy. Thanks to this generosity, we are able to put ourselves in the background and focus on the other. And this is the greatest demonstration of love.

Details are neither expensive nor a form of selfishness

There is no need to invest money and money in the details. Creativity is enough to give a sweet touch to the relationshipAnd. However, it is essential to put yourself in the shoes of the other to find the right detail. Here are some examples.

The details in the relationship

If your partner usually puts the children to bed, we can do it from time to time during the week, thanking him for his help with a massage or tidying up the house. We can surprise him by picking him up from work, sending him a funny photo or preparing his favorite dish with lots of love and of course tidying up the kitchen!

On an intellectual and work level, it is advisable to listen and understand any problems that the partner may have at work, supporting him in his decisions. One of the most important details is to give a sincere hug from time to time, a hug that is welcoming, true and full of love, in which the partner can find comfort.

The important thing is to think first of your partner, his tastes, putting yourself in his shoes to offer him the best details. Both of you will benefit and your relationship will be the winner, as you will be moving towards a better and more solid future together.

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