The best medicine to cure evil is happiness

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The best medicine to cure evil is happiness

Last update: December 17, 2015

Happiness is as important to humans as breathing. Living a dull, dull life can be tough. In addition to making any obstacle appear almost insuperable, sadness takes possession of the person, making its way into his mind and growing more and more.

This is why the pursuit of happiness becomes vital. Although it is not always easy to be happy, it must become the predominant feeling in our life, preventing negative moods such as sadness from annihilating us in a chronic and stable way.


"Human happiness is not so much the product of big lucky hits that rarely happen, but of small daily gains."

-Benjamin Franklin-


Practical guide to cure evil with happiness

We all know how difficult it can be today to live in happiness while fighting against evil; for this reason it is our desire to share with you some tips that may be useful for rediscovering this feeling:

  • If you live dreaming of a better existence, you are probably not happy, which prevents you from enjoying what life is offering you. Think about it: the present, real and everlasting, is all we have. The past serves as a teaching and the future is a source of hope; you live in the here and now.
  • Savor every little event around you. Good things happen every day, and even if they are sometimes hard to see, that doesn't mean they are unimportant. An unexpected smile, a nice gesture, a pleasant walk ... There are many simple actions that can fill your life with daily happiness.
  • Love without asking for anything in return. It is important to understand the difference between loving someone and constantly expecting something from him / her. Giving without asking for anything in return will turn the universe in your favor, filling your life with many beautiful experiences. Don't doubt it.
  • Enjoy your family. Access to happiness is facilitated within the family environment and that of friendships. Surround yourself with people who love you sincerely and you will have the opportunity to be yourself: you will see that nothing can go wrong.
  • Always be patient. Always remember that haste doesn't make things happen in advance. It is not necessary to rush to reach your goals, it is rather about knowing how to choose the right moment. For this reason, it is good to avoid any unjustified form of stress and tension, as the nerves do not lead to anything but unhappiness.
  • Face evil with a smile. Correcting everything negative around you can be easy if you never lose your good mood. Never forget that education, friendliness and a healthy and positive attitude open many more doors than obligatory and necessary.
  • Don't be overwhelmed. Sometimes, faced with difficulties, it happens to believe that everything is falling apart. But if you panic, you will only increase the problems around you, pushing further and further away from sight any solution.
  • Face evil openly. With happiness and a positive environment on your side, armed with a smile and good humor rest assured that nothing will stand in your way. It is important not to try to escape from negative situations. The longer you leave them unresolved, the harder it will be to make up your mind to deal with them.
  • Do good. There is nothing more effective in fighting evil than doing good. These are two opposites that seem unable to exist without each other, like the two sides of the same coin, but in reality this is not the case. The good does not need its opposite to exist.
  • Be supportive. It doesn't matter with whom. It is not necessary to help only friends and acquaintances, those who live in a world of happiness do not look the person to whom they wish to extend their hand in the face. She will do it without asking for anything in return, and it will make her feel good. It is a fantastic medicine against evil.


"Happiness is not doing what you love, but loving what you do"

-Jean paul Sartre-


Keep these tips in mind whenever you feel sadness invade you. Do not forget about your happiness, use it indeed to deal with all the negativity that is around you, that worries you and puts your everyday conquests at risk.

Images courtesy of Claudiatremblay.

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