The 10 most popular phrases of 2019 (that you probably "like")

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Here we are at the end of this 2019, a year certainly lived intensely, a year full of reflections, a year that certainly did not lackinspiration and.

In 2019 we search, share and comment with you almost 400 aphorisms. Many of the concepts we've developed have piqued your enthusiasm, but the aphorisms you liked the most surprised us: they're not exactly what we expected. So let's see together the 10 phrases most appreciated by you, the followers of Fervida Inspiración.

10. Overthinking

Likes: 1239
Comments: 45
Savings: 95
Actions: 271

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9. Confucius and altruism

Likes: 1279
Comments: 27
Savings: 53
Actions: 235

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8. Relations according to Bukowski

Likes: 1298
Comments: 5
Savings: 100
Actions: 424

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7. Jim Morrison: You have to live in the present

Likes: 1576
Comments: 13
Savings: 83
Actions: 707

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6. Being parents, according to Gandhi

Likes: 1638
Comments: 11
Savings: 78
Actions: 311

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5. Shakespeare's absolute truth about the human disposition

Likes: 1724
Comments: 20
Savings: 64
Actions: 510

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4. Always be a good person

Likes: 1738
Comments: 16
Savings: 65
Actions: 347

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3. Grandpa's Wisdom

Likes: 2090
Comments: 11
Savings: 89
Actions: 698

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2. Leopardi on being yourself

Likes: 2265
Comments: 19
Savings: 88
Actions: 561

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1. The most popular phrase in history: Marilyn Monroe and the end of love

Likes: 2704
Comments: 15
Savings: 117
Actions: 919

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The phrases most appreciated by you were a bit unexpected for us, but seeing them we can say that you certainly had good taste. The phrases that you liked the most talk about how to behave in interpersonal relationships and the need to live more in the present. These are two extremely important topics that everyone cares about, we will be sure to talk about them more often, both on the social pages (Instagram and Facebook) and here on the blog.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to wish you:

 a happy ending for this 2019
and a 2020 lived in the present moment
and full of wonderful relationships <3

~ The Editors

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