Situations that rob us of emotional energy

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Situations that rob us of emotional energy

Last update: Augusts 04, 2020

We all live in situations that steal our emotional energy. These are episodes that, in one way or another, oppress us. After having experienced them, in fact, we have the feeling of having invested a lot of energy in vain.

Emotional energy is another expression to define vitality, or the strength we have before we get tired. If we say there are situations that steal our emotional energy, it is because they force us to waste our vitality on matters that are insignificant but still require some effort.

"-Do you love life? - If you love life, then don't waste your time, because it's the stuff life is made of."

Benjamin Franklin

Situations of this kind should be avoided because they ask too much and bring too little. They only serve to distract us from the important things that could enrich us instead. We therefore learn to recognize situations that steal emotional energy from us to avoid them. Here are five examples.

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Situations that rob us of emotional energy

1. Discussions on insignificant topics

Debate is an excellent opportunity to express your point of view and learn something from the opinions of others. Few things are as enriching as constructive dialogue between people who think differently. Broaden mindset and thinking, as well as strengthen communication skills.

The situation is different if two people argue about insignificant things, with the sole purpose of "winning" and imposing their own reasons. Generally it only creates discomfort between the two people, who waste energy uselessly and bring out the worst sides of themselves for simple personal vanity.

2. Complaints 

Continuously complaining and listening to other people's complaints are situations that steal emotional energy. Everyone complains, it's normal, but in some cases it becomes a habit, a lifestyle for which one mulls over the same problem without finding an effective solution.

Complaints lead to an attitude of helplessness. Even if we do not like the reality we live in, we do nothing to change it, but we focus only on the negative aspects. No it's worth wasting your time like this, it's just a way to avoid your responsibilities.

3. Gossip

One factor that steals emotional energy is interest and curiosity in the lives of others. This sort of voyeurism is nothing more than a lack of identity. Those who gossip try to identify themselves, to find themselves in the life of others, but to no avail.

The worst aspect of this attitude is that it is accompanied by strong criticism and prejudice. The gossip intrudes into the private life of others and judges it destructively. There is no worse way to waste time, because it not only steals energy, but is also degrading.

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4. Recurring doubts

Ruminating too much always generates confusion and inertia. It is clear that many decisions need to be weighed and that the only way to do this is to weigh their pros and cons, but from this to start an infinite circle of doubts there is an abyss.

One of the situations that steal emotional energy is pathological doubt, that is, the fact of thinking only in terms of "if" and "but" and finding the definitive answer only through reflection. We often forget that many answers come when there is a combination of thought and action.

5. Seeking Approval

We generally go to great lengths to get the approval of others. We spend a sleepless night, worry or are obsessed with the need for approval. Instead of spending our time getting to know each other better, regardless of whether or not others like us, we are committed to pleasing those around us.

It is truly wasted time. People accept us or not, sometimes for reasons beyond our control. One factor that generates rejection is precisely the excessive desire for acceptance, which is why it is not worth wasting time and energy.

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Situations that steal emotional energy should be eliminated from our personal life. Generally, they occur when we feel confused or insecure. Our life, however, is worth a lot and our time too. Better not to give them to circumstances that do not lead to anything good.

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