Raspberry ketones: a green fat burner

    Raspberry ketones: a green fat burner

    From websites to the shelves of the pharmacy, herbal medicine and large vitamin stores. It is the rise of the raspberry ketones, king of the fat burning supplements in Great Britain, more and more popular also in the country.

    One hundred percent green, they contain only the "heart" of Raspberry, the delicious fruit of the raspberry. That is that mix of polyphenols (called ketones) that promise to make your jeans zip up without holding your breath.


    «These compounds perform various actions aimed at favoring the weight loss»Explains Dr. , professor of integrated medicine at the University of Siena and Pavia. «The first effect is the anorectic one since reduce nervous hunger. They are also called thermogenic because they help the body to produce heat through fat burning.

     The third effect is to increase two key substances of the metabolism lipid: adiponectin and noradrenaline. The first is the antiobesity hormone par excellence. It is produced by adipose tissue to promote the consumption of fats. Liquify the blood, lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and counteracts hepatic steatosis ("fat liver").

    As for norepinephrine, it is part of the catecholamines which also favor the elimination of storage fats ". ketones offer two other "side benefits". It has been seen that improve skin elasticity and stimulate hair growth in people suffering from alopecia or thinning, by virtue of their antiandrogenetic action.


    Taken daily on an empty stomach, these supplements ensure a gradual but significant weight loss of approx 3-4 kilos per month. The required dose is 200 mg per day, divided into two times. Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve the same results by stocking up on raspberries: they contain only 4,3 mg of ketones per kilo and should be eaten almost half a quintal per day.


    Raspberry ketones are found in liquid form or in capsules, some of which conceal megadoses, even from 1200 mg per tablet. "Be careful to stick to the recommended dose of 200 mg per day," warns Dr. .

    “If you go too far, there is a risk of manifesting the side effects typical of thermogenic substances (such as caffeine and piperine): insomnia, nervousness and tachycardia. Also, as a precaution the ketones are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding


    A study published in June 2015 on the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology, conducted by Roeland Park, has shown that raspberry ketones inhibit the 3T3-L1 gene, one of those responsible for the synthesis of adipocytes.

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