It's the details that make the difference

It's the details that make the difference

It's the details that make the difference

Last update: July 10, 2016

I consider myself a person who is satisfied with his life, above all because it includes a large group of people who take care of me with their daily empathy and their unlimited affection. It is they, with their little daily thoughts, who make the difference, with those details invisible to the eye, but which shine with their own light.

 "Big hearts are satisfied with small details"

-Hernan Sabio-

Ever since I learned that things that seem extraordinary do not have the same value as gestures that, like small grains of sand, give me people who are special to me, I live life from a new perspective and have better memories for the future.

Because you know, when it comes to remembering, the small details born from the generous heart of those around us immediately jump to mind: their essence and their virtue lies in the ability to create emotions that will remain in our heart, always.

The power of details

The smallest detail is able to transport us towards the highest success or the most sensational failure, since each of them is determined by many different variables. An example is when, after months of work on a project, a tiny hitch blows everything up or when two excellent candidates compete for a job and in the end only one manages to win it, for a subtlety.

What appear to be insignificant details are actually very important when it comes to outlining your daily goals, as well as in how we relate to those around us. Such is the case with a very simple gesture of thanks or a hug that comes at the right time, which will make us feel loved and close.

This is why the small details are so powerful, because their peculiarity allows them to turn situations upside down, to overwhelm souls with positive or negative energy, to snatch smiles from the saddest faces or to trigger a cry. What is clear is that for better or for worse, the details make a difference. Furthermore, the spontaneity and naturalness with which they happen make them particularly interesting, showing us the most honest aspect of life.

Some details are magical

When the details come as a wave of positivity for our emotions, we can only wait for them with open arms so that they flood us with joy. Let's think of those actions that may seem very simple, but which in the eyes of those who receive them become gestures that will never be forgotten. Who has never experienced such a sensation? Those details are magic because they fill the hearts of two people: who provokes them and who receives them.

 "I've learned that people can forget what you said,

people can forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel "

-Maya Angelou-

They say that the greatest gifts they can give us are those that come from affection, care and love. Usually these magical details arise from people who can be considered magical themselves: because they feel empathy, think of others, are in solidarity ... For this reason, it is good not to miss the opportunity to get to know this type of people and their actions.

  • In friendship, family or couple relationships: if we really want a bond between more people to become stronger every day, it is necessary to take care of the aspects of everyday life that make the bonds strong and permanent.
    • Decisive events in life: organizing a wedding, getting a driver's license, going to a job interview ... The success of these events will be proportional to our ability to take care of the process, little by little, focusing on the smaller aspects.
    • Work or study: as in the previous case, preparation for work or exams is not enough to determine success, but the small details that will guide the entire path. For example, even when you have studied a lot, bad news just before an exam can demoralize the person and prevent them from giving 100%.

     “You have to look at the details.

    They scatter our life with pebbles that guide us "

    -Katherine Pancol-

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