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I am a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Last update: 07 September, 2015

I am a highly sensitive person. I can perceive emotions, smells, energies that not even I can describe. Sometimes my emotional and sensitive experiences overwhelm me and I cannot understand them.

I have often repeated that "do not complicate your life". I've heard it so many times that I thought I had a problem. I thought I was exaggerating, being different from others, making things difficult for myself and suffering because I was going to look for it. It was hard not to have anyone to share my experiences with, I felt ashamed and was forced to pretend.

Our skin is the barrier that separates the inside from the outside, it is our protection. Nevertheless, we HSPs have a porous skin, a barrier that is too thin, which allows them to penetrate inside us external energies.

Do you know? Hypersensitivity is capable of generating many diseases. We are not always able to unblock and get rid of our sensations. And when we don't, we start having physical problems, for example skin reactions, or digestive problems. These are the weak points in our body.

Also, for example, i can suffer from trough if I don't channel my emotions well, because not understanding me implies not being able to accept and love me. And, in this world, it is not easy to be able to accept oneself. In any case, since I know that I am a HSP, since I know that I am not sick, I have been able to feel better and relax.

It doesn't scare me, but I have to armor myself, otherwise I won't be able to survive. You must understand that no one teaches us to be sensitive, they actually educate us to mask our sensitivity.

For this reason, sometimes I have to hide or seek solitude to feel, to feel, and to know that I am not gone, that I continue to be myself in a world that does not understand me..

My brain and nervous system are connected in such a way that I am more emotionally in tune with myself, with others and with the world. When you tell me that you are suffering, I also suffer intensely. When you tell me that you are happy, I feel euphoric inside.

Not only exceptionally emotional, it is not only this that characterizes me. I am highly sensitive in many respects. Sometimes the noises or smells are too intense for me, I can feel the energy in the air that other people sometimes don't notice.

There is a misconception about highly sensitive people that I would like to tell you about. They say we are neurotic, sad and withdrawn, but that's not true. This is not always the case, and it is not an indispensable feature.

A HSP is not a person who has a problem - they are a different person, who feels and thinks intensely, and this can cause depression or anxiety to affect them.

People like me are adept at wearing a mask. We do this because we have no other remedy, because it is too difficult to organize our thoughts and feelings in a world that was not built for us.

Many people define me as a cheerful, self-confident and smiling person. And yet, in my inner world, in the reality that I live, everything is different. Sometimes I feel suffocated. Simply, my surroundings cloud me, and my mood collapses.

We all need to feel loved, to feel that we deserve that love and care. We all need to know that we can trust the world, and that there is room for us too. For me this is as important as eating.

And then there are the expectations, what others expect from you, what you expect from others, and what you believe you can give. You can be 150% with a person, you can understand and feel them, you can feel overwhelmed, but you are there and you are not leaving. When something like this happens to you, you somehow expect to be paid back. To establish a connection, a harmony that will lead you towards understanding the other. And, if you don't get it, frustration and disillusionment appear.

Sometimes, when I perceive a thought or an emotion and others are surprised, I feel a bit of a seer and, why not admit it, also a bit discriminated against. Feeling that others are willing to accept your emotions only when they can understand them is very hard. In this world there is a great lack of empathy.

In the face of adversity, I felt small, weak and vulnerable. But now that I know I'm a HSP, I want to reclaim my place, work on myself and improve myself.

Sometimes I think that I will never endure the anxiety that my feelings generate in me. I have suffered more than I have enjoyed in life. But I realized it's a privilege, I decided that I don't have to feel like a stranger in my body, but happy. My weakness makes me strong.

They say that we HSPs are people who love peace, who want to live in peace and who believe in the goodness of others. I can finally feel proud of this gift. I am a HSP, and maybe you are too. Don't be afraid to change, look for an activity that makes you feel good, change jobs if necessary.

This is my reality, and it could be yours too. If you are feeling out of place, a little person unlike any other in a huge world, maybe this is the message you needed to really start valuing yourself. We cannot change ours past, but it is always possible to write a new ending.

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