In a heartbeat: the splendid short about gay love

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In a heartbeat: the splendid short about gay love

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Last update: December 14, 2021

In a heartbeat (In a Heartbeat) is the title of a short film that has met with great success on the web as it shows with simplicity and great skill the birth of gay love between two pre-adolescent or adolescent boys.

The video shows how one blushes while selling the other and shows other people's gazes in front of something that appears to be happening, but is not yet defined.

It presents homosexual love to society uncensored at an early and complex moment, when interest is emerging and you are not yet able to explain such intense sensations and feelings. This is probably why its great success is due.

Let's clarify the concept of "homosexuality"

We live in a rather permissive society, but not with minorities, in fact there is a dominant model of sexuality. Not only that, we are only permissive with heterosexuality at a certain age, but we are not permissive with homosexuality or even with adolescent sexuality.

SWe are therefore very restrictive in some areas, while in others we are very permissive. In other words, we allow everything that falls within the concept of acceptable sexuality. The problem is that there is too much ambiguity. We will not all analyze the clarifications that society should understand regarding sexuality, but it is crucial to clarify that the orientation of desire:

  • It presupposes recognizing and accepting to feel attraction for a certain type of stimulus that constitutes the object of desire;
  • It presupposes the definition with respect to a socio-sexual category;
  • It must not be limited or confused with sexual behaviors;
  • It includes multiple dimensions: sexual attraction, erotic fantasies, sexual behaviors, emotional bonds ...

In order to debunk the myths present in society, we explain explicitly WHAT IT DOESN'T MEAN TO BE HOMOSEXUAL:

  • That you feel attraction (desires, fantasies, emotions, attitudes…) EXCLUSIVELY for people of the same sex.
  • That you ALWAYS feel same-sex attraction.

A person with an identity and orientation towards heterosexuality normalized within the prevailing gender dualism (man-woman), begins to become aware of his feelings of attraction. Then doubts arise, insecurity, fears ... a phase of confusion that must be managed naturally by the person, by the context and by society as a macrosystem of which we are part.

For this reason, initiatives such as that of this short film allow people to understand and give value to these sensations by which they are invaded and which they do not know how to give an order. Because? Because the short film makes love and attraction normal, regardless of who it is aimed at, regardless of what sexual orientation is.

In most cases, it takes years to understand one's sexual orientation, as well as to manage emotions, thoughts and behaviors related to sexuality. And there are also multiple barriers that hinder the proper path.

These obstacles begin with not having received adequate models from social teaching. Most people of heterosexual orientation know what sexual behaviors are between men and women, but can we say the same about relationships between men and men, women and women?

This leads people with a homosexual orientation to start from scratch and resort to "special environments" to explore their sexuality. Environments that among other things have implicit restrictions regarding the demonstration of affection in public or sexual behavior other than those traditionally accepted.

Socio-family tensions are an erupting volcano that constantly erupt verbalizations and pejorative behaviors, which often ends up becoming a repression of sexuality, undermining the person and destroying his growth.

The sad thing is that this short film makes news because there are still sectors of society that do not understand and do not tolerate an attraction other than the traditionally accepted one (man-woman). It is important to disseminate its content because in terms of sexuality there are still many things to understand and great battles to fight.

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