There is no extra time in this life

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There is no extra time in this life

Last update: October 23, 2015

Death is, today, a taboo subject. At least in Western societies, we try to avoid it in every way: cemeteries are built far from the city, the vigil no longer takes place in the home of the deceased for several days as in the past and, when we are forced to talk about the topic, we try not to pronounce the name or to go around it with phrases such as "I'm sorry for your father ".

Denying death is not the solution, on the contrary, it can be a problem. In the first place why not having death in mind does not make us aware of the fact that we only live once and that one day all this will end.

We believe ourselves immortal, we think that life is very long and nothing is further from reality: we all go away. We do not know when and how, but it is the truth and it is wonderful that this is the case.

The problem with thinking you are immortal comes from the fact that one stops living intensely, puts aside what one wants for irrational fears. He stands still, lets time pass and, when he realizes it, he is near death and perhaps it is too late, there is no other opportunity.

There is no other life to start over. Thinking about death as a natural and inevitable fact, therefore, puts all our problems in perspective and emotionally distances us from them.

Things stop having that much importance because we are aware of the fact that one day these problems will no longer torment us, they will cease to exist and no one will remember them. No one will remember the debts you couldn't pay today or if your boyfriend left you for someone else. In fact, no one - or almost no one - will remember us in a hundred years.

We must learn to see death as something natural and not as something macabre, gloomy or mystical. If we think about it, we will realize that dying is part of the cycle of life: we are born, we grow, we reproduce and we die. It is like this in all living beings, so it is a natural fact that we must accept without opposing.

Human beings believe they possess something called "soul" due to our differences with other living beings. We are the most evolved species, we have very complex feelings, we are able to reason, we think more elaborately, but all this is nothing more than a product of evolution, a highly evolved brain complex.

Everything we think, everything we feel, everything we are is in our brain and, by dying, it goes out forever. We stop being, of existing. Embracing this scientific and natural perspective can be very pessimistic and can also generate feelings of panic in us, but it is certainly the best way to enjoy our life, to give it the sense it deserves without fear of anything and immediately!

If we die, what is there to fear? If the worst thing that can happen to you in a situation is that you die, you already know that sooner or later it will happen, so why be afraid?

Death also makes us aware that we are all the same: mortal people, of flesh and blood, who will one day leave this world.. Some will be remembered more than others, but nothing more.

Thinking like this allows us to see that no one is superior to someone else, that we are simple human beings who have a beginning and an end, who are born and who die. It is indifferent to be white, black, heterosexual, homosexual, rich or poor: fate is the same for everyone.

The best conclusion we can reach from these reflections is “Enough nonsense!”, “Enough fears!”. Don't you realize that nothing is that important? Don't you see that next to death there is nothing terrible?

Now you are alive and now the world is at your feet. Of all the people who could have been born and haven't, you are lucky to know what it means to live.

Take life as a game or as a play. Go out to play, to act, to do what you want, without fear of making mistakes or how it "should" be, without fear of what others may say, without fear of anything, because there is nothing to fear.

Today you are alive, tomorrow you don't know… there is no time to waste!

The reality that life is dazzling passes very quickly .. make it worth it!

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