I love people who say what they think

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I love people who say what they think

Last update: February 10, 2016

People who say what they think, those who are sincere and who don't think about it for hours; these enlightened beings who speak from the heart are beautiful and fantastic.

People who say what they think are sincere, especially with themselves. They are people who act accordingly to who they are and who do not betray themselves for others. That's why I always like them, I love them and it will be like that for life.

People who say what they think and who speak from the heart

There is a part of our mind, life and soul that is never given enough attention. It is the heart. The heart is the only organ that allows you to be truly sincere. For this reason, those who use it in the name of their existence are people who say what they think without fear of being wrong

Only the heart knows exactly how we are, what we want, how we want to be and where we dream that our steps are headed. The heart is a living organ that does not lie, because in it lies our reality, our desires, our dreams and our ambitions, our true way of being.

For this reason, many people who say what they think speak from the heart. This wonderful, perfectly oiled machine that energizes us and tells us how real our life is. It is up to us to listen to it or not.

Tell yourself what you think

If you are unable to be true to yourself, you are lost. The first person you have to tell exactly what you think is you, because otherwise you will be something, but never what you really want to be. You will be different from your true being, your true essence and personality.

I love people who always tell each other what they think, why to tell the truth and be honest with others, you have to start with yourself. We are the beginning and the end of our true being and our existence.

If we are not ourselves, we turn into mere puppets of a gigantic theater that is the world in which we have had to live. In this immense and sometimes desolate landscape, if we do not love ourselves, we lose our essence, our freedom and our true reason for being.

Only people who say what they think, who let themselves be guided by their heart, their beliefs and their feelings can afford the luxury of move freely, express yourself sincerely and enjoy a full and happy life. For this I love them.

However, not only people who say what they think with verbal sincerity deserve consideration, but also those who act according to their beliefs and who, in every action, demonstrate their deepest and most true dreams. They do not need to act, nor do they need to behave in any way other than what they really are.

You can sit at a very elegant table, talk to a famous or learned person or go around a foreign country. However, if you are someone who says what she thinks, that she acts accordingly, and who knows herself in an intimate and real way, you will not feel the slightest fear of being yourself.

We must not be ashamed of who we are and how we act. We should simply worry about being ourselves, knowing ourselves deeply and being able to speak based on what we think and act accordingly, without fear of what others may say.

Act without fear of the opinions of others

The opinions of others must not affect the way you act, speak and express yourself. Regardless of the environment in which you move, only you must be the center of your thoughts, actions and attitude, not whether other people may criticize you or not.

If someone talks badly about you because you are people who always say what they think, don't worry, because they don't deserve any kind of consideration. Be yourself, act accordingly and relax in front of others.

For everything I've just said, I love people who say what they think. With their chiaroscuro, positive and negative aspects, but always with their true personality, without shortcuts, additives, or tricks. Only truth and sincerity.

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