I love people who touch the soul, without asking permission

I love people who touch the soul, without asking permission

I love people who touch the soul, without asking permission

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Last update: 15 November 2021

The people I really admire can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They are the ones that I observe and listen to in silence, the ones that enrich me and that, almost unwittingly, make me better every time. But they don't even notice it, because they have a humble heart and can't imagine how important their example is.

We could confidently say that each of us needs someone to admire, someone who is a point of reference who inspires them. It is not a question of having a model to follow, of copying the words of a philosopher, a writer or a guru who makes himself known through the media. Rather, we need a point of reference close to us.

There are people who appear in our lives as if chance had decided to put them in our path at just the right time. They are a breath of fresh air that comforts our mind and soul, that fits perfectly with our values ​​and breaks through our hearts almost without asking for permission.

It is possible that you identify these figures in a family member, a friend or, why not, in your partner. If so, you already have a positive and comforting presence next to you, so don't miss it. Pay attention to her, take care of her, and let her positive stimuli envelop you.

It is said that there are irreplaceable presences in our life, people who leave their mark. Since the journey of all of us in this life is short, do not hesitate and enjoy every moment that you are allowed to spend in their company.

Important people who enrich, who add and do not subtract

We are sure that in the course of your life you will have met people who have taken away more from you than they have given you, who have taken away instead of enriching. It's a common problem, and we don't have to feel frustrated or give up on it.

In life there will always be people who, on the other hand, warm us up in the dark days and who will always be able to say the right word when you need it. La goodness, like sunlight, it will never die out.

We must take into consideration that to build these relationships, positive and sincere, we too must do our part.

  • Trust me. It is possible that they have hurt you often over the course of your life or that your family may have turned their backs on you just when you needed it most. But don't make the mistake of closing your heart and filling yourself with resentment.
  • Let yourself be guided by your senses. Goodness begets goodness. If your existence is noble, you will surely find someone with the same characteristics and values. If you've ever made a mistake, you've surely learned your lesson and know who you want in your life and who you don't.
  • Learn. We should never stop learning new things, and to do so, we need to be humble. Perhaps books and life have already taught you many things, but if there is one truly genuine and beneficial thing, it is opening our hearts to people who can enrich us, offer us new points of view, transmit calm and well-being.

People who touch our soul leave a golden thread in it that nourishes and protects us. This union seals an indestructible commitment based on trust and reciprocity.

Important relationships, those given to us by people who, without even knowing it, turn into our guides and become permanent guests in our hearts, are different from others, in many ways. These are small details, which we can intuit from the first moment.

That friendship, that affection, are not measured by the number of times we see each other a week and not even by the number of favors we do, confessions, or the coffees we drank together. It is measured by the quality and complicity of those moments lived together.

Trust goes beyond an "I give you and you give me". It's an “I'm here for you”, and there's no need to add anything else. Affection and complicity are implicit for both parties.

In these relationships and with this type of people we can truly be ourselves, in depth and showing our every nuance. The other person knows our shadows and our defects well, and yet, almost without realizing it, he slowly helps us to become better people.

There are people with a pure essence and a sincere smile, who teach us to be more complete. We all need these meetings every now and then, because life is not limited to work and family.

Living means letting ourselves be surprised and allowing unforeseen events, leaving the door open to positive relationships that bring us a breath of fresh air and enrich our mind and body. Those who, almost without asking permission, find their place in our soul.

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