I love hugs that make me close my eyes!

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Robert Maurer


I love hugs that make me close my eyes!

Last update: December 15, 2015

I like hugs that give me chills, that make time stop and hold my breath. I like them because they recompose me and remove my pains and fears.

I like hugs that, even if they do not solve anything, help me to face adversity, preventing them from overwhelming me, breaking my defenses and destroying my certainties.

I love those hugs that put an end to incoherence, that help me maintain a balance, that give me comfort and undress me in my essence. I love them because they transmit such affection to me that I have to pinch myself to understand if I'm dreaming or if it's true that my world is right on the clouds.

So yes, I confess, those hugs are my weakness. They defeat me just thinking about it. They cover me, they dress me, they make me feel that life is not unfair or bad and that there is no better way to feel than through the skin.

The skin belongs to those who make it shiver

Feeling that affection makes me shiver and for a moment the skin stops being mine and begins to belong to the one that makes me shiver. Because the truth is that not everyone succeeds, only those people who hold the most important roles in the ranking of our life.

They are those people who support us with their words, with their hugs that come when hopes crumble, windows creak and opportunities play hide and seek.

So when someone gives us the chills, we forget the bad experiences in life. We no longer remember the reason for the hug that made us smile without looking back and made us put a point on failed challenges and won battles..

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