I love those who look at you with their eyes, but see you with their heart

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I love those who look at you with their eyes, but see you with their heart

Last update: December 16, 2015

I like simple and transparent people, people who know how to give the identical reflection of who they are and who, in turn, allow you to be yourself in every moment. Without a doubt it is not too much to ask and, for this reason, before we worry about finding authentic people, we should be ourselves. It is not fair to expect something without first knowing how to offer it.

If you also know someone who enriches your life in some way, perhaps with his knowledge, with his daily support, with a complicity that cannot be explained in words, then don't let it get away..

It is not easy to find people who really get in touch with our essence and who make our life easier without asking for anything in return. It is important, then, to treat them as if they were the most precious treasure, as the greatest good, because those who live life with the heart can only offer honesty and reciprocity.

Inhabitants of the heart, artisans of integrity and empathy

Leading a whole life with the heart is not easy. First of all, it requires a long inner journey of self-knowledge. Only in this way can we accept others as we do with ourselves.

As you can guess, it is not easy to show and offer this openness, this sincerity by which we let ourselves be enveloped when we receive the gaze of those who know how to take care of us, those who understand the language of understanding and small details.. What are the characteristics of a sincere personality?

  • There are those who think that sincere and authentic people are so by nature, that they are born already shining with their own lightto. In fact, many of these people have had to face a life path in which they have learned to know each other, to grow, to mature in terms of emotions, prudence and understanding.
  • Those who know how to live with the heart are able to show empathy. Empathy is the social aspect par excellence that our brain offers us. "I am able to recognize emotions in others because, in turn, I recognize and know how to properly manage mine".
  • Whoever is able to offer such an opening, thanks to which with a simple glance not only looks at our face, but knows how to read well beyond the physical aspect, is also able to feel within themselves the pain we feel, the experiences we have lived.

These exceptional "connections" occur few times. Just as in your social circle there may be one or more people with these characteristics, it is equally possible that you yourself live life with the heart.

Living life with the heart means feeling the wounds of the world

Sometimes it is easier to live with a blindfold and the heart well covered, thus avoiding feeling emotions and protecting yourself from painful feelings. In some ways, it would be like putting into practice the saying "eye does not see, heart does not hurt".

We could say that true knowledge resides in people who at a certain moment or period of their life have suffered and have been able to act with resilience, drawing a life lesson from it and coming out even stronger than before.. However, this inner strength by no means means being invulnerable to the pain of others.

  • Those who have gone through a painful experience, such as the loss of a loved one, a disappointment or a traumatic event, are more sensitive to the hurt and pain of others, to the emotions of other people.
  • People of this type have a wiser gaze and are more skilled when it comes to intuiting, noticing, perceiving their anxieties in others.
  • If this is your case, if you are used to intensely feeling the pain of others, showing empathy towards those around you, then you know that everyday life is not as easy as many might think.

Those who live with the heart have a more intense, purer and more noble life, but sometimes this life also hurts. It is not your job to save the whole world, it is not your responsibility to heal more hearts than yours.

Finally, do not forget that there is no better cure than feeling listened to, loved and understood. If, as so many say, the universe begins with ourselves, then the best way to offer love is to start with understanding. It is worth it.

Images courtesy of Christian Shloe and Marie Cardouat.

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