How to fight anxiety in the information age

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How many times have we set out to change? Sometimes we would like the day to have 25 hours. Maybe we want to reduce the excessive amount of work, find more time for ourselves, learn to see life in a different perspective that allows us to be truly happy and more relaxed ... But we end up being victims of procrastination, always postponing everything indefinitely The problem lies in the fact that we cannot postpone the most important decisions in life, because this will only cause stress However, the responsibility is not ours alone, no one has ever shown us how to be happier or more productive with as little effort as possible. We have been taught to read and write, we have been prepared to pursue a profession but, we continue to suffer from emotional illiteracyCurrently, the problems related to anxiety, stress and existential anguish, in addition to low productivity, are increasingly widespread because we are constantly suffocated by useless information, which devalue in the bud and do nothing but steal an infinite amount of On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to manage all the activities and compromises that we face every day. This makes us easy victims of stress andanxiety, two problems that not only affect ours psychological balance but they can also trigger several psychosomatic disorders which will contribute to deteriorate the quality of our life. This is because society has progressively created around us a straitjacket that becomes tighter every day, but which we do not realize. Fortunately, there is a solution: learn to look inside ourselves and get rid of everything that is really useless and that is only a barrier that prevents us from being happyThese and other themes are included in my ebook: Fighting Anxiety in the Information Age. The book also contains relaxation techniques and effective strategies to successfully deal with daily life, which help to reveal those secrets that society does not let us glimpse and allow us to find our personal psychological balance.At the end of each chapter you will find a section entitled: What to do? Which lists dozens of practical tips that you can start putting into practice immediately to change your life. This ebook tries not to get lost in unnecessary digressions, rather it suggests a simple and quick path that allows you to eliminate anxiety and take back control of our lives.
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