Causes of anxiety and behaviors to avoid

Causes of anxiety and behaviors to avoid

Everything seems to indicate that the most worrying epidemic of recent times is anxiety. The frenzy with which life takes place in big cities infects us and forces us to maintain a speed at which we are not prepared and which in some cases literally makes us "burst". Thus, more and more people are looking for remedies to cure anxiety. In this regard, the first step is to know what the causes of anxiety are, because only in this way will we be able to tackle the problem at its root.

And, among the main causes of anxiety are five behaviors and ways of thinking that we must avoid at all costs if we really want to eliminate anxiety from our life.

Behaviors and ways of thinking among the first causes of anxiety

  1. Avoid situations

If you avoid everything that you fear or dislike, you are teaching the child within you that it is good, right and pleasant to avoid all negative things. This is the beginning of the disaster, as you will avoid more and more situations each time just because you don't like them. Eventually, you will end up with a mountain of unsolved problems that will cause you great tension.

Avoidance is not always a good strategy for dealing with problems. Sometimes, we should just accept the difficulties and try to overcome them in the best possible way, without complaining about the results.

  1. The search for reaffirmation

If every time we face a problem we have to turn to another person to solve it for us, we will never be able to stand up for ourselves. Seeking reaffirmation can be a good strategy in some cases and undoubtedly makes us feel good, but when it becomes a lifestyle with which we face every difficulty it only creates insecurity.

Obviously, when we no longer have a person who comforts us and reaffirms us, we will feel as if the earth is failing under our feet and we will develop enormous anxiety. In fact, this is most likely one of the main causes of the high number of suicides that are occurring today.

  1. The distraction

We live in the age of distraction, practically everything around us is a distraction from the essential. And we all find it much more comfortable to be distracted than to face up to our responsibilities. However, if you get distracted from what is essential you will end up not achieving your goals and this is precisely one of the main causes of anxiety.

If you have set yourself a goal you simply have to focus on the path to reach it, avoiding all the distractions that appear on the path. If you sit at your computer to write an important document, forget about social networks and e-mail; if you have planned to leave your job as an employee to start your own business, forget all the useless proposals that will only waste your time and dedicate only to your goal.

  1. Permanent control

Many people are anxious because they feel anxious. Now I'll explain the pun: it means that they self-control, they are constantly looking for the symptoms of anxiety in themselves and, when they find them, they are afraid of them and their consequences. It is a vicious circle in which anxiety generates even more anxiety.

Finally, if you are feeling anxious and no matter how long you search you cannot find the cause of the anxiety, simply try to change activities and forget about it. Remember that all those sensations that our thoughts focus on tend to get bigger. It is a mechanism similar to that of physical pain, if we focus on it it will increase; if instead we start a new activity on which we will shift our attention, it will decrease.

  1. The importance of the little things

Many times when we ask ourselves what causes anxiety we find that it is those little things that we really give little importance to. We worry about many details of everyday life that are not significant but that cause us a great deal of tension. If you are one of these people you will have to learn to overlook these little things and focus on the ones that are really important. This way you won't waste time and energy.

Probably, if you are an anxious person, these behaviors will be familiar to you. If you truly embrace this “diet for anxiety” and are able to keep constant in it, you will be able to experience how the daily tension will slowly fade away.

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