How to eliminate anxiety in children?

How to eliminate anxiety in children?Just a few decades ago, psychologists believed that anxiety was a problem unique to adults. It is logical to think so, given that it is we adults who have many problems to deal with and, therefore, more reasons to feel worried and stressed. However, in reality children also suffer from stress and anxiety, and their worries are much more intense than we might imagine.

Today it is known that between 10 and 20% of school-age children suffer from symptoms of anxiety. Of course, stress affects even more of them. The good news is that parents can take some precautions to prevent or eliminate anxiety in children.

How is anxiety in children treated?

  1. Encourage your children to face their fears, do not teach them to flee from them

It is normal for the little ones to be afraid of many situations and things they do not know. The best way to push them to face their fears is to talk to them about them and encourage them to progressively expose themselves to the situation that causes them. If you are by their side they will probably feel safe and lose their fear quickly.

  1. Don't force them to be perfect

Anxiety in children is often generated by the parents themselves, with the expectations they have of them. The little one realizes that he could disappoint his parents and strives, often beyond his means, causing himself a great deal of stress. Explain that no one is perfect and that the important thing is to learn from mistakes so as not to go back to making them.

  1. Focus on their successes

Often, children with anxiety come from families where the parents are authoritarian perfectionists who focus only on their little one's failures. However, complimenting him on his accomplishments is just as important as letting him know when he's wrong. Also, remember that when you scold him, you need to focus on inappropriate behavior and not act
criticism of the person.

  1. Plan some relaxing activities

It is important that the child plays sports and even learns to play a musical instrument; this will facilitate self-discipline and perseverance in the future, but it would be a big mistake to fill his agenda with technical and scholastic activities. Children are children and need to play and spend time outdoors. It is preferable to plan fun activities with the whole family.

  1. Make sure he sleeps well

Children never seem to get tired and sometimes sending them to bed becomes a real odyssey. However, to combat anxiety it is essential that the child rest the necessary hours.

  1. Encourage your child to express their anxiety

We often convey to children the belief that it is not adequate to express their feelings, so that the little one learns to hold back all negative emotions. Instead, you have to find the assertive form in which he can express anxiety and stress.

  1. Be positive and stay calm

There is no point in telling him that it is important to stay focused and calm if you don't lead by example. Remember that imitation is one of the main ways in which children learn things. Finally, if he hears you shouting or getting angry frequently, it will be normal for him to respond anxiously to situations.

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