Good people don't know they are

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Good people don't know they are

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Good people have no wings attached to their backs, no fairy dust in their pockets. They usually have a worried expression on their face, because they want to get there in time to do this, to solve that, to have coffee with a friend and relieve his pain by giving him hope ...

They never expect anything in return and they see no obligation in their actions. Sometimes there are those who say that they are naive, that they give too much of themselves and that one day they will be repaid with a disappointment.

Sometimes, for example, we can make an effort every day to see that friend who is having a hard time. We offer him what he needs, we give him support and consolation, only to find that he has left only his absence and no thanks.

In reality, good people don't usually seek or hope for this thanks. They want nothing in return, because their actions always come from the heart and from authenticity; it is impossible for them to act otherwise.

Despite not wanting to be thanked, what they should expect is at least gratitude. Many times, even good hearts end up fraying when they give too much of themselves, when they give their last breath while remaining naked in an empty scenario.

Today we want to reflect on this.

Good people don't walk around with posters

Surely you too will know someone who often proclaims how much he does for others, who explains everything he has had to give up, who exalts his values ​​and virtues, who trims great goodness with a slightly victimized area.

There are those who say that in reality good people do not abound or rather that they do not exist. Nothing further from reality. We are sure that you also know someone who knows how to look you in the eye and promise you that everything will be for the best or that when he greets you, he says that "write me when you get home, so I know you're fine".

They are people who shine without knowing it and who you always want to have next to you. They do not know the inconsistencies, their character is always the same, they do not speak the language of the double meaning nor of selfishness and, moreover, they know how to read the pains of others without them being expressed in words.

If nowadays you have a person with these characteristics next to you as a friend, partner or family member, hold it, keep it, take care of it and protect it in your hands, like these magical fireflies that offer us hope in the darkness of the night.

The courage and delicate fragility of good people

Good people are souls full of courage and valor. They have taken care of their loved ones in good times and bad times, they have given up many things for the sake of others and nothing, absolutely nothing, is a burden to them or causes repentance or frustration.

No matter how willing they seem to us, the efforts that make them sink into their best smiles every day don't even matter: as if nothing had happened, as if no worries inhabited their mind.

Everyone needs their efforts to be recognized, because gratitude situates us in the world, personalizes us, integrates us in a context, in a family, in a relationship of friendship or couple.

It is not a question of thanking or "returning the favor". It is about recognizing people for what they are, for their actions full of goodness, of altruism, of good intentions and, above all, of love.

Love that stops being recognized, weakens and gets sick. This is why, in turn, good people must be able to refuse, to oppose and, even, to break ties with those who hurt them.

Images courtesy of: Mariana Kalacheva, Laura Diehl

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