Forget the past, don't hold a grudge

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Forget the past, don't hold a grudge

Last update: January 24, 2015

Even if we know that resentment is a negative feeling, for which we spend energy uselessly, sometimes we happen to feel prisoners of a memory that makes us feel anger and frustration, perhaps because someone has destroyed our dream or because of a love. unrequited or anything else that hurt us. And this constant brooding, even unwittingly, makes the bad memories survive day after day. After experiencing pain, nothing is the same as before and over time we will find ourselves reliving and rethinking what hurt us.

However, even if we are sorry, these memories cannot be erased overnight. We survive the days of abandonment, the days of pain, we move on with our life, but those memories remain confined to a corner of our heart and re-emerge that autumn day when we feel particularly sad and nostalgic.. Even if we are living in a happy moment, it can happen that bad memories, those we would like to forget, resurface from memory.

It is not so easy to turn the page when a sunny day turns into a gray day, maybe time passes and we think we have overcome the pain, but sooner or later this same pain resurfaces. There is no way to forget it, but there is a way to live with it and overcome it and that is to put aside the grudge. Once we understand that everything happens for a reason, that love can end, that people and situations change, that life follows its inexorable course, that what exists today, maybe tomorrow may no longer exist, that we are human and we can be wrong, that we cannot control everything and that we can easily be replaced by other people in someone's heart or life, at this point we must understand that forgiving is a way to forget.

The day will come as much desired as it is difficult, in which we will be able to remember without feeling pain again, in which anger will not ruin our good mood, that day when we decide to go on forgiving and leaving aside the past and resentment. Everyone happens to think back to dark moments of the past, when someone betrayed us or hurt us. Happy days seem to lose their color in the face of sad days in which we felt hurt, but we must stop and reflect on life and on the fact that it is only one, so we must dedicate it to the pursuit of happiness, without wasting time and energy trying grudge that certainly won't help us in our mission. For this it is better to forgive. Once we understand this, then we can move on.

It is not easy, we know, but when the feeling returns, it will be easier to forgive and forget the sad memory of the past. Forgiving in order to forget is the best solution. Put the grudge aside.

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