Fall in love with yourself and with life, then with whoever you want

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Fall in love with yourself and with life, then with whoever you want

Last update: Augusts 11, 2015

They made us believe that "great love" only happens once, usually before the age of 30. On the other hand, they did not tell us that love does not respond to any order and does not arrive at a precise moment.

They made us believe that each of us has a soul mate and that our life only makes sense if we meet it. They didn't tell us that we are born complete, that we don't need anyone to perfect ourselves.

They made us believe in the "two in one" formula: two people who think alike and act alike always make things work. They did not tell us that this is actually called "annihilation" and that, only by having an individual personality, can we have a healthy relationship. They have made us believe that marriage is compulsory and that desires outside of it must be repressed.

They made us believe that beautiful and thin people are more loved. They made us believe that there is only one formula to be happy, the same for everyone, and that those who avoid it are condemned to remain on the sidelines of life.

They did not tell us that formulas of this type are wrong, that they make us frustrated and alienated and that there are alternatives to them.

Nobody will tell you any of this, each of you will have to find out for yourself. From that moment on, when you are sufficiently in love with yourself, you can be happy and fall in love with someone else.

"We live in a world where we hide to make love, while violence and hatred spread out in the open."

John Lennon

We have forgotten our place in the world. We are afraid of not fulfilling expectations, of not finding the love of our life, of not triumphing, of not reaching our goals, of not being born, growing and reproducing ourselves.

Ultimately, we have submitted to what others expect of us. We have reached a point where we neither respect nor think about ourselves. We are unable to show the most wonderful part within us.

You cannot live without you

Learn to say "I love me" before saying "I love you": your love will be strengthened.

Remember that without you you can do nothing. You cannot live, breathe, smile, fall in love, ... This reasoning, apparently so obvious and simple, hides a fundamental premise that should always guide your life: take care of yourself and, if necessary, help others to take care of They.

By totally offering our life and courage to others and their happiness, we achieve little or nothing. That doesn't mean we have to give a damn about others, but that we must achieve a balance and don't forget the importance of focusing on our personal growth.

The roots of our tree

“If love were a tree, the roots would be your self-love. The more you love yourself, the more fruit your tree will give to others and the longer it will last. "

Walter laugh

Making sure that caring for ourselves is reflected in others is not easy, but it is worth it. When it comes to love, there is always something to be gained; for this purpose, we must take care of our roots by watering our tree: only in this way can it become big and strong.

When your inner "I" is neglected, everything around you is affected. You cannot allow yourself to give everything to others and remain empty inside, as doing so will create a feeling of unbearable sadness in you.

Therefore, fall in love with yourself first of all, take care of yourself. Love life to be able to love fully and without addictions. You have to cultivate your own happiness, in order to then be able to share it with others. If you love your tree and water it every day, its fruits will grow healthy and filled with positive energy.

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