Do I drink or do I not drink? The water dilemma

Do I drink or do I not drink? The water dilemma

Drinking 2 liters of water a day for some is a categorical imperative. Legacy of New York fashions, it happens more and more often to see girls in fitness outfits with a bottle in their hand, an inseparable bottle. There are cases in which, even among young people, it happens that the wine with the meal and the aperitif leave little room for the stimulus of thirst and the need to drink water.

Let's try to figure out how much water you should drink per day and how muchhydration affect sports performance and brain activity. Going through two opposite positions, we try to make them complementary. Then, since we are on the subject of water, we recall two important dates: 12 and 13 June, days of the referendum on water to repeal the norm oriented towards the privatization of this public and precious good.


Drink water often and gladly

The position ofhydration at all costs it is a precise position. When it is possible, when the stimulus of thirst is not there yet, when the body requires it even if we do not know how to listen to it. This is because not drinking enough means compromisingassimilation of nutrients, the adjustment of the body temperature and blood pressure, elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. Lack of hydration can lead to apathy, difficulty in coordinating movements, disorders of the venous and lymphatic circulation.

Scholars who support this position declare that relying on the stimulus of thirst alone is not enough, because when thirst appears, dehydration is already in place. For sportsmen, then, the speech is the same but enhanced to the nth: athletes who do not drink enough risk muscle cramps and go towards a progressive lowering of coordination skills.

A search for the King's College London appeared on Human Brain Mapping, argues that they are enough 90 minutes of intense physical activity accompanied by abundant sweating but not compensated by adequate hydration, because the brain tissues suddenly age for about a year.


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Debunking the myth of 2 liters of water a day

1 and a half would be enough, these are the liters of water to drink per day. To be increased only in particular conditions: fever, high external temperatures, intense sporting activity or to eliminate kidney stones, under medical advice. Excluding these limited conditions, many doctors and nutritionists do not recommend pouring more water into the glass, but rather:

- Put less salt in dishes or in any case to consume low-salt foods;

- Consume more foods that contain high percentages of water, first of all, the vegetables.

Drinking too much water would in fact lead to: excessive kidney fatigue, raising of the arterial pressure, worsening of heart problems already existing. Then there is no scientific evidence founded to support the thesis that drinking water serves to counteract water retention and cellulite.

L'equilibrium, as usual, it would be the key, even with regard to the question of drinking water. Listen to your body, feed on food that dispenses energy and releases water, push harder on the hydration pedal when you subject your body to more physical activity, so as to replenish lost fluids.


So what water to drink?



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