Cowardice ages us more than time

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Cowardice ages us more than time

Last update: December 09, 2016

Cowardice ages more than the years contained in the wrinkles of a face. Dreams shattered by lack of decision weigh more than a century enclosed in a look and a mouth that she loved when she had the opportunity. Those who have not tried when they could out of fear or pride feel a void in their soul, a thorn in their heart.

Let's talk about missed opportunities. A curious aspect that they often repeat to us is that of "trains go by every day for those who know how to wait" or "opportunities return for those who go out again to look for them". However, we must also be aware that there are certain things for which there are no second chances.

Cowardice, lack of courage or fear are important factors that put ropes on our feet and chains on our mind. However, instead of complaining about unlived experiences due to indecision, it is necessary to see our timeline in another way. There is no beginning and no end. There is a continuum and new beginnings that we must be able to integrate and foster with adequate psychological focus.  

We suggest you learn them with us in this article.

If it was cowardice, it is now part of the past: we must move forward

Maybe it was cowardice. Perhaps pride has blinded us too much in front of that love and, now, we are left with only desire, pain and repentance. Maybe it was fear, a deep fear of tearing up our roots, of overcoming our limits to start new projects, new lives that would have made us happier. Maybe…

However, far from falling into a sort of obsessive melancholy of the type "What would have become of my life if ...", it is necessary to restructure this point of view in a more complete way. The "lost train syndrome" has hit or will hit everyone sooner or later. However, it must be borne in mind that mental models and emotional drifts anchored to yesterday irremediably condition the quality of our present.

In an interesting article published in the American Journal of Psychology, entitled "Nostalgia: withdrawal or support in difficult times", he explains that past events, disappointments or even trains that let themselves escape through indecision act on many people as "models unaware ". They determine us, limit our present and irremediably condition our future.

It is not appropriate, one must advance with confidence and wisdom.

  • If we visualize it for a moment, we will understand the magic of the idea. To move forward with greater ease, it is necessary to courageously close every circle of our life. The next step in this chain begins with a new circle in which we are the creators of what we want to add to it.
    • Be aware that there are things we have to give up. In the previous circles, there are people who will not return, as well as projects that we cannot undertake. However, a new canvas stretches before us which deserves to take advantage of what has been experienced, seen and experienced.  

    Cowardice remained forever in those circles of the past. Now you are a new person who has allowed himself to grow, who is comfortable with himself and who, believe it or not, is on the move, continues to transform into something wonderful if he will and will allow it. It is worth a try.

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