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Continue or break?

Last update: October 08, 2015

Dedicated to all the people who have suffered for love until they reach limits that should never be crossed.

There are many moments in life when we have to decide whether to continue or break. Love is probably one of the most complicated areas in which to make decisions. We feel torn between what our heart tells us, with its incessant beats uncontrollable for us, and what our head tells us..

When the heart beats fast, but at the same time it bleeds, cries and suffers, you better say goodbye to that love. We are like a boat adrift if we do not privilege ourselves. If we lose our self-esteem, due to the treatment we receive from a person we thought loved us, we end up in the open sea, unable to see land. We can't afford such a thing.

In reality, no one can harm us if we don't allow them, because we are the true love of our life. Often you have to say goodbye to certain loves ...

There are times when that love hurts, strangles our souls, makes us unhappy, does not respect us and does not understand us.

There are times when that love does not know how to be close to us in bad moments, it confuses and disorients us. In these cases it's okay to get rid of that person, even though it breaks our hearts.

Love can't always be explained in words, only those who have lived it at least once in their life know how to feel and understand it. Probably, its meaning can only be tentatively sketched out in words. Love comes like a tornado full of hopes, emotions and feelings that make us happy, alive, energetic, ...

It's boiling ice, frozen fire,

it is wound that hurts but does not feel,

it's a dream, a nightmare,

it's a very tired short rest.

It is a carelessness that fills us with care,

a coward with a brave name,

a lonely walk among the people,

a loving and only a loved being.

It is an imprisoned freedom,

which comes to be paroxysm:

disease that grows when treated.

This is the child of Love, this is his abyss.

See what friendships he will get with nothing

He who is the complete opposite of himself!

(Francisco Quevedo)

If we don't even understand ourselves, if we are full of contradictions, trying to coordinate with a partner can be a very difficult goal. When this love begins to upset our stability and our inner peace, then it's time to say goodbye.

Because I love myself, because I respect myself, because I respect myself and I need the respect of others. Because I am sure of what I want and, above all, of what I do not want. For this I say goodbye. As in all moments of life, everything has an end, everything passes ...

The experience and the lesson learned will remain in my heart, but the pain will pass. Because time heals every wound and because it is right for me to be happy. Although the saying "better alone than badly accompanied”Is incredibly true.

Learning to love ourselves is the first step in not losing sight of the right path, so that in love they do not treat us like puppets. Don't break your heart, soul, and mind for a love that is neither pure nor healthy. Love yourself.

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