Acceptance or resignation?

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Acceptance or resignation?

Last update: 24 March, 2015

On several occasions we believe we have accepted a situation when in reality we are only resigning ourselves. What is the difference?

They are two very different attitudes, in fact resignation will make us suffer because we will continue to wait for the situation to be different from what it really is. Sometimes, we strive to change it. Conversely, when we accept it, it means that we face reality without expecting to change it, without suffering and this allows us to continue making plans, looking for better options on our journey.

When it's not acceptance, it is resignation

We believe we accept a situation when we manage to "survive", when we forget it... However, we resign ourselves when we don't move in the direction we want, but we remain as if trapped in that situation, pitying ourselves, feeling victims of circumstances without doing anything about it because we think that "this is what there is and we can't do anything about it" .

In this way, we submit to that situation, we adapt, we become paralyzed because we think it has happened to us and we have no alternative. We resign ourselves.

Acceptance is happiness

On the contrary, when we accept a situation, even if we do not like it, it means that we are looking for other paths to happiness, we have discovered that that is not the direction of our life, it does not make us happy even if it happened to us..

But not for this we get stuck, not for this we think it will always be like this, but we try to learn from all the experiences of life and move on. Acceptance is this, not to go against the current, but to take advantage of all situations to draw a life lesson from them. There is always the possibility of redirecting one's life.

Acceptance is respect

Acceptance is also respect because when we accept a person as they are, the desire to change them disappears, we respect them deeply and only later do we decide whether or not it is convenient to continue the relationship with this person, if we feel respected or not.

Resignation prevents you from overcoming the pain

For example, when we resign ourselves to the disappearance of a loved one, we suffer from it, we are angry with life and with the world, we do not accept it, we want to change the reality of things ... This is a normal phase of pain, but it can turn into a lasting and ever-constant process in our life because we haven't actually accepted what happened..

Accepting the loss means overcoming the pain. To accept that someone is no longer there means to stop suffering, not to be angry, to move on with your life because it does not end, but it has much more to offer. In this case, acceptance is the final stage of healthy pain.

Accept or resign?

Accepting or resigning are two sides of the same coin because we need to "turn the page and forget" what happened, we need to move on with our life.

If in life we ​​accept everything that happens to us, then we will be the masters of our destiny, we will overcome obstacles and find happiness by learning something from all the experiences we have lived.. If, on the other hand, we resign ourselves, pain and suffering will always accompany us.

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