7 life lessons that brothers give us

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7 life lessons that brothers give us

Last update: Augusts 20, 2015

I smile because you are my brother. And I laugh, because you can't do anything about it.

We can argue with them, deny them, ignore them, spite them and complain about a multitude of things. Nevertheless a brother will always remain one of the greatest treasures we can have in this life. The brothers are the "enemies" with whom we will discuss more often and, certainly, also the ones we will love the most.

A relationship between siblings can crack, of course, but in most cases it will always remain a feeling of unconditional love, which was strengthened in that struggle that as children led us to want our games, our opinions or our presence to prevail. .

There is no better gift than a parent can do to his child other than to grow up with a brother, share love, games, joys, anger and sadness. For this reason, today we want to talk about the 7 wonderful lessons that coexistence with our brothers gives us:

1. Take care of the other

As we got older, my brothers acted like they didn't care about me. But I always knew they were there, ready to take care of me.

Catherine Pulsifer

You learn not to worry only about yourself, but to take care of the other and to watch over his well-being. A special protective instinct develops towards siblings, which is not comparable to any other of those we experience.

Perhaps for the outside world we grow and change over the years. Yet, among brothers, we know that what is in our hearts will never change, despite the passage of time.

2. Be patient

Despite all the times we have complained, isn't it true that we would be willing to do anything for a brother? The fact that things cannot always go our way and when we want is a reality that those who have a brother learns quickly.

We can get angry, make drama, generate the worst of chaos, but when we need a gesture of comfort, we can always count on a brother or a sister.

Siblings do not need to say anything to each other, they can sit silently next to each other without feeling embarrassed, they can calm down without saying a word, because the mere presence of your brother teaches you that, whatever happens, there is a solution for everything.

3. Overcoming ourselves

Those who have brothers know better than anyone that things must always be earned. Surely you have been competing with your brother for something, and this competitiveness has often been a cause of frustration, but it has helped you to always bring out the best in you.

Sharing your life with a brother also helps you learn from both your own mistakes and those of others. His mistakes are, in some ways, yours too. And the same goes for his successes, which over the years you will remember as one of the greatest joys of your life.


4. To share

You learn to share both material and immaterial things: your spaces, your games, your clothes, your parents, your destiny, etc. There is nothing in the world that is only for us, in an exclusive way, and your fraternal relationship will put you in front of a myriad of circumstances that will make you reconsider your priorities, continuously.

In a way, those with siblings know that there is nothing that will be 100% theirs, no matter how strongly they claim it. This will be the subject of endless arguments, but, after all, it is not really that important. Because having someone to share joys and defeats with is priceless.

The brothers live outside the effects of time, because even if the years pass for everyone, among brothers they will continue to share the same family jokes, laughter, tears, sufferings and joys as if time never passed. The fraternal union remains unchanged forever.

5. Work as a team and negotiate

When two brothers work together, the mountains turn to gold.

Chinese proverb

Learning that we are not the center of the world is difficult. In fact, the secret of our success lies right there: in learning to cooperate and to understand that there is no force more powerful than understanding and unity to achieve a common goal.

It's worth leaving everything else aside, because your relationship with your brother teaches you that all differences can be overcome if we are committed and willing to cooperate. From childhood, collaborating and negotiating with our brothers, we learn that unity is strength.

6. Forgive

Some gestures are more important than others, and we are sure that the complicity and the looks of forgiveness between two brothers are comparable to very few things. How many times have we heard "now make peace or ..."? This threat from our parents did not make us feel at all convinced that our brother or sister deserved our forgiveness, but soon after we reached out to make that gesture of peace.

And at that point there could still be minutes, hours or days filled with hostility, but, one way or another, we understood that forgiving and leaving everything behind was beneficial for both of us. In short, the brothers teach us that no distance is insurmountable between two people who love each other, neither as children nor as adults.

7. Love unconditionally

There is no love comparable to that of a brother.

Terri Guillemets

The relationship between brothers teaches us to love above all, to adore someone who doesn't always tell us what we want to hear, who annoys us, who makes us angry, who steals things from us, who wants what we want, etc.

It may happen that there are moments in life when we distance ourselves from our brothers, but they will always remain those unconditional friends, which we did not need to choose.

You would give your life for your brother, and he would give it for you. Whatever happens, the complicity will remain, despite the difficulties. Indeed, it is precisely in difficult moments that a brother or sister can transform themselves into what is most like a superhero.

Finally, a brother makes us feel unique and special. For them we will always be irreplaceable, just as they will be for us. And this is something that is priceless, because its value is impossible to measure.

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