5 reasons to learn to listen

    5 reasons to learn to listen

    Learning to listen is complicated. It's not as easy as it sounds, because it doesn't mean just hearing what others are saying, it involves separating ourselves from our stereotypes, emotionally opening up to the other person's experiences, and stopping judging in order to try and really start being more empathetic.

    It is a difficult skill to develop, but once we master it, our life can completely change. Because? Now I will give you five reasons why learning to listen is very useful.

    1. Listening is learning

    DJ Kaufman said that: "intelligence is the reward for spending a lifetime listening, especially in those moments when we would rather talk." When you learn to be silent longer by letting others speak, you are multiplying your chances of learning from their words. When we do the talking, learning opportunities are drastically reduced. Remember that everyone has something to teach us. In fact, the most important lessons of my life have come from where I least expected them. Just learn to listen, without stereotypes and preconceptions.

    1. Listening increases the likelihood of being accepted

    A person who talks incessantly can be nice during the first few encounters, but then he becomes a self-centered person that everyone tries to avoid. In fact, we all like people who know how to listen, those who are there when you have a problem and with whom you can let off steam because we know they won't judge or criticize us.

    1. Listening allows you to bond with another person

    J. Isham said that: "Listening is an attitude that comes from the heart, it is a genuine desire to be with the other." When you learn to listen, you are telling the other person that we are there for them, that everything revolves around them, and that you are willing to help them. This simple gesture can create a very strong bond with the other because, in reality, there are very few who listen uncritically and without putting their problems first.

    1. Listening is knowing how to convince

    If you want to convince someone, the key is not to attack them by arguing, but to know how to listen to them. First of all listen to what his motivations are, understand his emotions and, only then, speak. The mere fact of giving him a chance to express his views is already a sign of goodwill that tip the scales in your favor and make your reasons more convincing. To convince it is not necessary to refute the arguments of others, but just put yourself in their place and analyze their reasons.

    1. Listening is maturing

    When you are able to listen to the other without putting your problems and needs first, it means that you are mature, you have grown up because you have learned to accept the other, his strengths and weaknesses. Only mature people are able to leave their position to put themselves in the other's place. It goes without saying that this level of emotional maturity allows you to live longer

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