10 Pain Relief Foods: Foods to Fight Pain

10 Pain Relief Foods: Foods to Fight Pain

The pain is due to damage taking place in the body.

Feel pain therefore it allows us to intervene on the damage or on the pathology thus bringing the organism back to normal health.

Certain foods can help restore this condition. Let's see what they are.


Top 10 foods that help fight pain

There are foods that can help with pain specific to a specific area of ​​the body, and are:

1. Ginger: it is a anti-inflammatory natural, warm ginger compresses are useful for combating muscle pain, rheumatism and burns.


2. Cloves: useful forto relieve the pain caused by toothache, gargling with an infusion.


3. Cherries: the anthocyanins contained in them have a high anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power.


4. Turmeric: it is one of the most effective natural pain relievers thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


5. Pineapple: thanks to the bromelain contained in it, it has antibiotic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


6. Grapes: it is very useful for counteract back pain. The substances contained in them help relax narrowed blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow to the damaged tissues of the back.  


7. Honey: suitable for heal painful affections of the mouth (canker sores, cold sores), the natural enzymes contained in honey destroy viruses and accelerate the healing of damaged tissues.


8. Garlic: it is a powerful one natural antibiotic which helps fight viruses and bacteria, helping to fight inflammation and infections.


9. Yogurt: thanks to the calcium content it exerts a natural action calming on the nervous system in case of PMS.


10. Chilli: thanks to its content in capsaicin (a substance that has antioxidant, vasodilatory and analgesic properties), is capable of fstop the emission of the substance, called substance P, which signals pain to the brain.


The pain: knowing it and recognizing it

Pain it is usually due to an injury to an organ or part of the body. The cause of the pain can be aggressive pressure from a foreign body that exerts force on the area affected by the painful sensation. It is the presence of nerve fibers on the affected part that causes the perception of pain.

I nocicettori (pain neurotransmitters present in our body) are activated by injuries and, through the nerve impulse and nerve fibers, transmit the perception of pain to the brain.

Causes that can cause a sensation of pain are: trauma, wounds, burns, chemical irritations, but also the pressure due to the presence of a swelling, a mass in the tissue or an anatomical structure that is no longer in its normal position. Eliminating pain allows not only to remove a bodily discomfort, also to help the injured tissues to return to normal.


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