With lentils you stay young. Here because

    With lentils you stay young. Here because

    This season brings lentils to the table: they are nutritious, tasty and have good anti-aging properties, as we explain together with Sonia Bolognesi, nutrition biologist in Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM) and Osimo (AN).

    A functional food

    “Thanks to one well balanced combination of nutrients, these legumes defend the organism from the passing of time, so much so that they are considered real functional foods»Explains the expert.

    What do they contain? "First of all fibers, which regulate blood sugar and, therefore, indirectly control systemic inflammation, responsible for cellular aging and oxidation. Then, saponin, substances that, in synergy with the fibers, reduce "bad" cholesterol (Ldl), therefore, they help keep the heart young by preventing chronic degenerative diseases. Also there are water-soluble vitamins, such as thiamine, niacin and folic acid, and minerals including iron and calcium, trace elements with anti-aging action. But the merit of the anti-aging properties of lentils is above all of the polyphenols with very high bioavailability, synapic acid and chlorogenic acid: these antioxidants, among other things, have an anti-aging action on the central nervous system. Among the different varieties of lentils, the Richlea, characterized by a yellow-green rind, is the one that has more synapic acid, up to double that of other species. How much, however, to the red type, the antioxidant efficacy is enhanced by the high content of anthocyanins and flavonoids»Concludes Bolognesi.

    Carrot, red lentil and ginger soup

    Recipe of the foodblogger and photographer Anna Fracassi (lennesimoblog washed).

    Ingredients for 1 person

    - 100g of red lentils

    - 2 carrots

    - 2 stalks of celery

    - 2 oranges

    - 2 cm of fresh ginger root

    - 1 white onion

    - 1 clove of garlic

    - vegetable broth to taste

    - fresh chives to taste

    - sale q.b.

    - black pepper to taste


    Clean and slice the carrots, celery and onion. Sauté with the garlic clove and fresh ginger cut into thin slices. Add the lentils and toast for a few minutes. Blend with the orange juice and cook for 45 minutes, adding the vegetable broth from time to time.

    When cooked, let it cool, blend, season with salt and pepper and serve decorating with chives.

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