What color is your personality?

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What color is your personality?

Last update: July 12, 2016

Our daily reality is surrounded by a wide range of colors and within this spectrum there are some that always accompany us. Maybe you don't realize it or, conversely, you are very aware of which shades you always carry with you.

Intense, warm and sober colors that, in some way, adorn our lives through the clothes, our car, the paint of the walls of the house, the make-up and objects we surround ourselves with and that reflect our favorite shades. However, why do they attract us? What color is your personality?

Colors and personality

Perhaps at first glance it will seem stupid, a game of little scientific value. In reality, however, it must be said that the study of colors and personality has an extensive bibliography, made above all by numerous psychology and marketing companies; in it we try to investigate, for example, how certain colors affect during shopping, the choice of certain products rather than others or how they favor certain moods. A whole suggestive world to discover.

It must be considered that colors are part of a light spectrum and, as such, emanate a certain one energy based on wavelength. Imagine, for example, what it would feel like to walk into a room painted only in black or to your feeling as you walk into a room decorated in shades of green or blue. We cannot deny it: colors emanate sensations and emotions. Let's see, then, how they are associated with personality.

-Red: intense, active and very optimistic personalities. Usually it is about strong characters with a clear inclination to competitiveness at work, with a hint of impulsiveness and the need for control. They are self-confident people, with an open and intense character, but as a defect it is necessary to emphasize their sudden impulses, sometimes, in fact, they are not very reflective.

-Orange: you are very sociable, but within certain limits? You like to be surrounded by people, but keep seriousness and balance; you are understanding and very helpful with the people around you. You usually like sports, movement and take on small challenges every day. You are not impulsive, but you like to start projects where you feel committed and enthusiastic.

-Yellow: very, very creative people. Despite your creativity, keep a sense of logic, it is not an overflowing imagination, it is rational and practical. Analytical and very critical profiles even with themselves, so much so that they are usually very demanding even with the people around them. They control their emotions very well.

-Green: relaxed personalities who value actions directed towards others and those that others address to them. They seek the closeness of people and they are eager to feel safe and loved by having someone close to them. Sometimes they fear being hurt by this addiction, yet they are vital and positive, very positive. They are also people who like others to acknowledge their efforts and actions.

-Blu: balance and inner peace. People who prefer this shade seek above all the tranquility and inner peace. They live according to their beliefs and their thoughts without giving weight to what others think about it. They do not change easily, they are whole and have well-rooted beliefs to which they do not yield. They are strong, yet relaxed, very balanced personalities.

-Violet: neat people, very sentimental and, above all, spiritual. They are very sensitive profiles, but when they are hurt they do not show it easily, they prefer to remain silent and not show their emotions in the moment. First they reflect, meditate, and then speak their thoughts aloud. They reflect, think, seek their inner peace and, moreover, are inclined to help and guide others. They are often involved in humanitarian issues.

- Brown: with your feet on the ground, they are concrete and simple. They are people who love the simple and natural life, everyday comfort, surrounded by those who love them.

-Grey: it is not a negative color, at all. Let's put aside the famous expression a "gray person", to actually see personality more than anything else balanced, calm and somewhat conservative; also cold and rather rational who rarely get angry. Among their flaws, their passivity stands out, they rarely go out of their routine to undertake complex plans.

Certainly after reading this article you will have felt identified with one or more colors, rather habitual and predictable. So, tell us: what color is your personality?

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