Weekend Couples: New Kind of Relationship

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Weekend Couples: New Kind of Relationship

Last update: January 12, 2018

We're not talking about romantic weekend getaways that help unwind, or relationships that last 48 hours and then fade away. Let's talk about weekend couples, those partners who only see each other on Saturdays and Sundays. Does living on a perennial honeymoon really work?

These people are usually at the peak of their professional career. They are between 25 and 35 years old and travel frequently. Not having much time to devote to their partner on weekdays, they decide to see each other only on weekends.

The reward of a daily sacrifice

Many relationships break under the weight of distance. By not continuously renewing the passion and affection, the kilometers end up cracking them. But this situation does not seem to be a problem for those couples who keep the flame of their love alive at least during the weekend. They know those two days are just for them and they serve them as reward of hard days of work.

They miss each other greatly during the week, so on Saturdays and Sundays they have a tremendous desire to see each other. This allows their phase of falling in love to continue. Seeing each other less assiduously, therefore, means that every time they see each other it is like the first time. A kind of continuous love at first sight that emphasizes the positive aspects of the relationship.

Another advantage is that, having so little time to share with their partner, they both give their best on the weekend. For this reason, they avoid wasting time in absurd discussions, blocking conflicts to make the most of the time available. This in turn allows you to focus on what your partner has contributed and on his qualities.

Weekend Couples: Pros are plentiful too

We have emphasized that physical distance is one of the great challenges of any engagement or marriage. Weekend couples can also fall victim to it. The insecurity created without daily contact can generate doubts and jealousy towards the partner. This, fed every day, can be the cause of rupture and even infidelity.

On the other hand, reliving this love every weekend does not mean that the relationship proceeds, this way of seeing each other, on the contrary, can make it aground. It is as if the situation suits both of us and no one wants to take a step forward.

It is a feeling of helplessness and conformity in equal parts. It can generate the feeling of living in a spiral of frustration, impatience and even boredom.

The longer lasting, the stronger

While quantity may not be synonymous with quality, in this case it seems to be. Over time, the bonds and foundations of the relationship will become stronger. As a result, there are fewer chances that a relationship will end for the distance.

For example, imagine a two-year relationship in which one of the two members has to temporarily go to work in another country. Distance can even strengthen the bond between the two partners. She tests him and hopefully becomes another pillar of the same.

Conversely, if the relationship has only lasted a few months, there is a high probability that it is not strong enough to carry on.

Do they know they are compatible?

Weekend couples coexist for a few hours. On Saturdays and Sundays they share bed, meals and time, but is it comparable to the daily life of a couple living in the same home and facing shared responsibilities?

These sporadic encounters do not allow us to know how the other person does the housework, nor how he reacts when he gets annoyed, what obsessions he has, what he likes to do when he comes home or how he cooks. It's a bit of a superficial relationship which perhaps reveals only a few details.

Secrets of couple success

In any case, weekend couples are a reality. No one can determine the length of a relationship based on how the two partners met or on the parameters of the relationship. Only the couple knows what happens in their life.

However, there are some characteristics that arise in all successful couples. Among them, for example, theadmiration, mutual respect and the absence of co-dependence. Furthermore, the expectations of both must be realistic and based on a choice: to love the other person.

The basis must certainly be made of communication and trust. You need to be able to talk about everything and express your point of view, without fear of being judged or rejected. Couples share beautiful and happy moments, but when the hardest of them come, they need to be able to tell each other how things are and what they think.

All of these characteristics can be perfectly present in weekend couples. You just need to talk clearly about what you are willing to give, how you live the relationship, how the distance affects you and if the situation makes them happy.

If they both agree, then it can be a very healthy and lasting relationship!

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