We attract what we convey

We attract what we convey

The first step is to adopt the right attitude: do not deprive yourself of anything, do not limit yourself, do not be afraid

We attract what we convey

Last update: July 03, 2022

We cannot avoid bad news or potentially toxic people. By accepting that we cannot change this, we will realize that many of the circumstances that must be faced on a daily basis depend on the attitude adopted. In large part, we attract what we transmit.

Our attitude towards what and who surrounds us is the factor that most of all determines the day ahead. If we wake up full of optimism, we will tend to notice the good news or simply the hours will seem more pleasant.

We attract what is in our mind

Thoughts and sensations pass through the skin and in one way or another it expands: what is in the mind manifests itself automatically, knowing it or not.

It is a law that can play for or against, depending on the emotions, feelings and thoughts we have at any given moment.

When we are sad, the body notices it and reacts: physical discomfort, loss of energy, etc. If positive thoughts are fed, on the contrary, the body will express them in the form of general well-being.

"What we really need is a radical change in our attitude towards life"

-Viktor Frankl-

In one way or another, this projects itself into the space and the people around it and, in turn, configures the coping strategies. We pass through the filter of the mental attitude everything that reaches us: the magnitude of an event is linked to the power we grant it over us through the interpretation we make of it.

If we bring the sun inside, we can dry the rain

Cultivating optimism and facing life more lightly means attracting positive vibes. Let's think about it: how much energy do we waste complaining about insignificant events? The same is true when we think we are unlucky and curse ourselves for hours.

If we bring the sun inside, we'll be able to dry the rainwater. If we transmit good vibes, we will be able to keep everything toxic away. By conveying warmth, friendliness, kindness and gratitude, we will attract the same.

"When we are optimistic, expect and imagine pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we tend to attract people, situations and events that fit these expectations."

-Shakti Gawain-

Since we cannot control everything that happens to us, the secret is to act intelligently when we interpret it and not give too much importance to what is not.

This will allow us to make the smile predominate over sadness and to overcome obstacles, instead of being overwhelmed by them.

We attract what we convey and what we believe in

We will always have to give ourselves what we deserve and not devote ourselves to the exercise of masochism of rejecting what luck grants us. We tend to do this thinking that perhaps bad luck will not hit us.

An illusory belief associated with an equally illusory concept of justice. The truth is that no matter how much we turn our backs on luck, adversity will always overtake us.

No matter how many times we deny ourselves as much as we wish, unpleasant events will still happen. Why not celebrate the former if we are destined to face the latter?

We reflect to find and recognize what we need in life. Deciphering this will help you understand that the first step is to adopt the right attitude: do not deprive yourself of anything, do not limit yourself, do not be afraid. It is the best way to take care of yourself and be grateful for life.

“Your perspective sinks you in or lifts you up. And attitude is something we can choose ”.

-Spencer Johnson-

Images courtesy of: Gedomenas.

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