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    Meetic works or not? Reviews and opinions of the famous dating site

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    Are you wondering if Meetic works?

    It is actually possible to succeed find your soul mate or simply live one night of passion via this hugely popular online dating site?

    In this article I will try to answer, in the most complete and thorough way possible, this question and, in addition to this, I will show you all the features, free and paid, of Meetic, so that you can start using them profitably and understand if it's really the site that's right for you, avoiding wasting hours of your time unnecessarily.

    Does Meetic work?

    The answer I feel I can give to this question in absolute terms is: yes, Meetic works, but… it doesn't replace you!

    What does it mean?

    Online dating sites are splendid tools, which give you the ability to get in touch with new people quickly and allow you to do it in any place and at any time.

    But then, they do not replace you. It is you who must be able to attract the attention of the other person, use the most persuasive words to get an appointment with her, manage the appointment ... and then the rest I don't think I have to explain it to you 🙂

    Does this seem complicated to you?

    It is not! The great thing about dating sites is that you can reason before you write; it is not a live meeting where you are "forced" to retort blow for blow and to keep the pace of conversation high. If you are a shy or introverted person, there is no anxiety of “having to say something”, but you can act calmly, studying every single move and striking effectively.

    What if it goes wrong?

    Who cares! Making mistakes and getting it wrong is essential to improve. Whenever we make a mistake, we have the opportunity to reflect on what caused a reaction we did not want in the other person.

    In this sense, I suggest you always re-read what you wrote and analyze how you managed the chat. You will realize that, by using this technique, errors will decrease and the number of appointments will grow inexorably.

    Which people I feel like recommend Meetic?

    In general, Meetic is a perfect tool he:

    • you are a shy person and you have a hard time relating to people you don't know
    • you just arrived in one new city and you don't know anyone
    • do you want improve your seduction techniques via chat and messages
    • you just got out of a relationship and you need "turn the page"
    • you want to find one person with interests and passions similar to yours

    Tip aimed at men. Meetic doesn't work if:

    • you start sending, randomly, the photos of your member to all the women on the platform
    • you send very strong or aggressive messages

    If your more sophisticated seduction techniques belong to one of the two categories I just presented ... you should know that humans have more complex intellectual faculties than those of dogs in heat 😉

    Is Meetic safe?

    First of all, one aspect needs to be clarified: what is meant by safety? The concept of security, when it comes to online dating, can have two meanings:

    1. ours give and our privacy are guaranteed by the site

    2. danger of meet "bad characters"

    Let's start from the first point. The answer is: yes, you can act with complete peace of mind!

    Meetic is not just a dating site, but one real company, with hundreds of people who work every day to guarantee you a pleasant experience, in total safety. Meetic's goal is to make its users happy and ensure that they continue to visit it. In this sense, security and privacy are always among the first objectives that an organization (especially when it comes to online dating) sets itself towards the people who use the platform.

    Regarding the second point, I do not hide the possibility of finding people who use dating sites for purposes that are anything but noble and peaceful.

    Here is your responsibility for report these people to customer service. If you receive "special" requests or some users use excessively aggressive or vulgar language ... the best thing is to report these people to Meetic.

    If some users are reported multiple times due to their misbehavior, the consequence is that they are warned and then banned from the site. To guarantee total security on these platforms, it is essential that users participate actively and contribute to reporting incorrect and uncivilized behavior.

    How to subscribe to Meetic

    Joining Meetic is very easy. First of all, go to the official website and select if you are a man or a woman and if you are looking for straight or homosexual relationships, in addition to your age.

    After clicking on "Create my profile", it will be time to fill out a questionnaire, where you will be asked for information on what you like, what are your interests, passions and goals you have on Meetic.

    This information is used by the Meetic algorithm to select people who have similar goals to yours and in this way increase your chances of meeting someone you like and with whom you can start chatting and, possibly, make a live appointment. .

    In case you do not want to answer the questions and start using the platform immediately, skip this part and go directly to the dashboard.

    Meetic's free features

    Let us now analyze the functions available on your dashboard (or notice board). Let's deal with the free ones initially.

    Meetic, in its basic version, allows you to access people who may interest you in 3 ways:

    • online: those who are online and whom you can contact, with a high probability that they will reply to you at the same time, within a few minutes
    • search: this section contains the criteria relating to physical, private life, professional life, geographical area, values ​​and interests; you have the possibility to decide the people you want to "meet", even if they are not necessarily online when you search
    • shuffle: this feature is something like Tinder, where you are offered a series of random profiles, which you can accept or not, based on the first impression you get when you look at the profile photo and some basic information, such as age and area geographic

    Visits, Skips, Favorites and Messages

    Visits, as you can imagine, is a section dedicated to views your profile receives from other people.

    Usually, every visit received requires a signal of interest from the other person. This does not mean that you should stalk whoever visits your profile, but it can be a good idea to think about sending a signal of interest from you, perhaps with a crush or a message.

    What is a crush?

    Do you remember the legendary MSN trill? The concept is more or less the same on Meetic, that is send a notification to that person in order to get their attention.

    What does it mean?

    It is definitely a stronger signal than just viewing, and could be indicative of a particular seductive strategy or the desire to receive attention in turn. Evaluate on a case-by-case basis, trying to interpret the actual intentions of the other person as correctly as possible.

    Finally messages are the point of contact with the other person, which will allow you to begin to understand if there is someone on the other side who is worth learning about or not. The goal of messages is typically to make a live appointment.

    Paid Meetic: Booster and Incognito

    Now let's see what the paid functions of Meetic and what are the benefits that can be derived from their use.

    Booster is a function that allows you to appear in first positions of searches and shuffle.

    The advantage you can derive from it seems to me quite evident: the fact of always appearing among the first profiles that are proposed will inevitably bring you more visits, more skids ... and more messages received.

    Incognitoinstead, it allows you to avoid appearing as a visitor on another person's profile when you take this action.

    This way you are totally free to roam among all the profiles you prefer, with the huge advantage of being able to develop a strategy of approach and seduction without this being conditioned by necessarily showing signs of interest.

    Let's see what are the different plans that Meetic offers for accessing paid functions:

    There are 3 possible packages to buy, different according to the months to be used and with increasing prices as the number of months purchased decreases.

    In this sense, the half-yearly solution guarantees you a savings of over 60% compared to a repeated monthly purchase for a period of six months.

    A good option could be to buy the first month and then, if you feel comfortable on the platform and achieve the desired results and objectives, buy a quarterly or half-yearly package.

    The paid functions also allow you to take advantage of the ability to send unlimited messages to 10 new subscribers every day.

    Where is the advantage in this case?

    The new members, in theory, are more active and more interested in finding a partner in the short term. If you think about it, it happens to everyone. When we decide to join a dating site like Meetic, what we want is quickly find someone to start flirting with.

    Over time, then, we begin to select more carefully the profiles we are interested in dealing with, and consequently the response rate of older users is certainly lower than that of new subscribers.

    Ultimately, having the opportunity to interact in a priority and exclusive way with new subscribers will greatly increase your chances of success on Meetic and will decrease the time needed to obtain the results you hope to achieve 🙂

    Live events

    - live events they are probably Meetic's most original and innovative initiative. Do they work?

    According to the testimonies of those who attended it would seem so. In the Happy Ends section of the events there are the stories of the users who participated in the live events and, on that occasion, managed to find their soul mate.

    What are the delivery times? advantages to participate in a Meetic event?

    • similar goals: the people who participate in an event have similar needs and objectives, as the issues that are addressed at the event are public and therefore only those who are really interested in certain issues will be willing to physically go to the event;
    • relaxed atmosphere: Seeing yourself live is totally different from using a chat. Often the looks, the contacts and the words have a greater and profoundly different weight than the messages of a chat. This implies a higher probability of understanding the real affinity that exists with another person;
    • opportunity for personal growth: Meetic events do not only have the objective of bringing people together, but also to help you embark on a path of personal growth, which helps you to understand which relationships you want, to avoid the "toxic" ones, to learn how to managing your emotions and recognizing a possible true love from a story that could turn out to be a real fiasco
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