How to get over a guy in 10 steps

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How to forget a guy you had an affair with? In this article, we will find out how you can leave your ex behind and move on.

There's a reason we often hear that "love hurts." Because unfortunately it is.

Love certainly has its ups and downs, but one of the cruelest forms it can take is when you love a guy, but he doesn't love you anymore. Or if for one reason or another you are forced to leave.

When it happens in romantic comedies, the women quickly recover and drastically change their lives.

But this only happens in Hollywood. Real girls, with real feelings, have a harder time moving on. That is why we wrote this article on how to get over a guy.

Here are 26 things you can do to get over a guy you were in a relationship with.

PS: in the past we have also written a more general article on how to forget a person (boy or girl)

how to get over an ex boyfriend

1) Acknowledge that this relationship is over.

Before you do anything else, you'll need to deal with the fact that your relationship has come to an end.

If you keep waiting and desperately trying to reconnect, you can only make the situation worse.

So, as bad as the idea may hurt, stop trying to relate to this guy.

2) Give yourself some time.

We often don't get the answers we need right away to soothe our feelings, and it can take a long time.

One wonders why they were rejected, whose fault is it, if something could have been done differently.

All of these questions can slowly wear you down.

Give yourself some time to process what happened and don't get discouraged. You'll have to be kind to yourself and you'll have to do it for some time if you really want to get over this guy.

3) Feel the pain.

While it may seem counterintuitive to say "feel the pain," it can actually help you understand the situation faster and come to terms with it.

Nobody likes to feel like shit, but sometimes we need to feel like shit to allow our brains and bodies to process what's going on.

At first you might want to blame yourself and say it's all your fault, but in reality you have no control over how others behave and feel and therefore this approach is not worth taking. Instead, focus on your feelings and be alone with them for a while.

You may realize that ultimately this discomfort you feel comes only from negative thoughts in your head. Maybe you can replace them with other thoughts, maybe about future projects that will help you permanently forget a boy you once loved.

4) Gather the girls.

Another great way to get over a guy who isn't yours anymore is to piss him off and go out with girls.

Your friends are your rock and your support network, especially when facing broken love. Let them do their job and take care of you.

Let them offer you a drink and tell you how amazing you are and remind you that "she's missing out" if she doesn't want to be with a beautiful girl like you.

Seriously, call the girls and have fun with them. In a short time you will feel much better.

5) Reflect on the negative.

The easiest way to get over a guy is to rethink his flaws. Instead of focusing on everything you've lost by not being with this guy anymore, think about everything you don't have to put up with!

It's easy to point out someone's flaws because no one is perfect, and finding disadvantages that you no longer have to put up with can just make you feel better in the recovery process.

6) Do something for yourself.

If you feel the need to hide for a while, do it. But book a room at the boutique hotel down the street, order room service, and kick back. Do something just for yourself.

After all, you are his best friend and you need to work hard to bring joy to his aching heart.

Consider taking a car ride, shopping, or just a walk in the woods to clear your mind and focus on what's good in your life: yourself!

7) Hang out with other guys.

Going out with other guys is definitely a great way to distract yourself and forget about an ex boyfriend. The nail pushes the nail away (almost always). Obviously you don't have to immediately throw yourself into the arms of the first passerby.

You must take your time to get to know the person in front of you before thinking that you can trust them. There is no point in rushing the times just to fill a void.

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8) Don't blame yourself.

Often things don't go as expected, and we can't do anything instead of the opposite happening. Unfortunately, we are not in full control of the reality around us. Don't blame yourself, don't think about what you could have done differently, don't waste your precious mental energies thinking about yourself. The fault is not yours. It was just meant to be that way.

9) Get rid of all thoughts and feelings and then move on.

Grab a trusted friend and a couple of cappuccinos and pour out everything you feel inside your heart, but then turn the page.

Take the time to allow yourself to express all the things you feel until the end and then stop ruminating and feeling sorry for yourself. No one needs it, especially you.

10) Put social media aside.

You might be tempted to chase him on social media to see what he's up to, if he likes someone else's photos, etc. It's not healthy at all, and you have much more exciting things to do with your time and continually updating your Instagram page doesn't help.


We hope we have given you some great tips on how to get over an ex boyfriend. If you have any other thoughts, opinions, and tips on the subject, feel free to drop them below in the comments.

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