"Wait for your soul to reach you" beautiful African tale

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"Wait for your soul to reach you" beautiful African tale

Last update: Augusts 16, 2017

Sometimes a story manages to touch our soul much deeper than any other form of reflection. Today we offer you an ancient African tale that speaks of when in life actions seem to go on one side and the heart on the other, unable to meet. The story begins like this.

It tells of a man who decided to venture into the inhospitable territories of Africa, accompanied only by its bearers. Each of them held a machete with which they made their way through the thick vegetation. Their goal was to advance at all costs.

 "One of the big disadvantages of haste is that it takes a lot of time"

-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-

In the presence of a river, they forded it as quickly as possible. If a hill came up, they would hurry up so as not to waste a minute. Suddenly, after only a few hours of walking, the porters stopped, leaving the adventurer baffled. He asked, “Why did you stop? Are you already tired after a few hours of walking? ”.

Then one of the porters looked at him and replied: “No sir, we are not tired.  But we have advanced so fast that we have left our souls behind. Now we have to wait until they reach us ”.

A story that pushes you to reconnect with yourself

It has certainly happened to everyone to feel disconnected from themselves. As if the one who gets out of bed, the one who goes to work, who speaks, was not the same as always, but a stranger. It is a feeling that often arises when immersed in a demanding routine that prevents us from finding escape routes.

The secret is to find our center. As the tale explains, waiting for "our soul" to return to its place. Sometimes it is enough to pause and reflect on the situation, but sometimes more is needed.

When we have lost the feeling of connection and control over our life, demotivation is likely to appear. This can easily turn into sadness or anxiety. At that point, everything becomes more complicated. However, there is a simple way out of this stage, and it only takes a few minutes a day. That's what it is.

Sit down for a moment along the way

Just as the bearers of the African tale do, when you feel disconnected from yourself, it is best to take a break. You have most likely walked the path too carefully. This has prevented you from enjoying the landscape, but above all, from interconnecting your soul with the path.

The best thing is to identify a quiet moment, preferably during the last hours of the day. It will be your moment of intimacy with yourself and you deserve it. Relax and simply ask yourself: how was your day? After that, all you have to do is review the events experienced during the day.

Do not just think about the actions you have performed, also dwell on the thoughts and feelings that have touched your mind. What was the first thought that came to your mind as soon as you woke up? How did you feel when you faced other people, various situations and yourself? Spend at least five minutes on this mental review.

Decant the reflection and wait for your soul

At first you will probably only see a succession of mechanical activities and feelings. However, little by little, just as the African tale indicates, your soul will reach you. Those five minutes represent a basic formula to get closer to you, but they are only the beginning, the guide to the first steps.

There is no need to make a detailed list of everything you have done. Just let whatever passes your mind flow, even if it's a bit messy or chaotic. Sooner than you think, you will see the traces of many experiences that you had unknowingly left out. Just as the echo of those emotions you have ignored and those fears you had overlooked will appear.

By doing so, your soul will be able to reach you. By doing so, slowly, you will be able to find your point of balance. The reward for this little daily effort is a feeling of greater peace of mind and security. You will learn to derive richness from every experience and you will increase the knowledge of yourself. More importantly, you will find out if you are truly living the life you want or if it is time to change something.

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