Every woman has a warrior within her who never gives up

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Every woman has a warrior within her who never gives up

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Every woman has within her a warrior who never gives up, who fights against adversity, who fights for her dreams, who advances with a steady step, who does not let herself be knocked down by blows and who does not bend in the face of the difficulties of life.

A woman who holds a warrior is a woman who knows she can always count on herself, which accepts its dark sides, which rises lightly with its dance, which knows how to be aware of the world, which understands itself, which does not have a single color within itself, but a rainbow.

Inside every woman there is a force that can guide her towards her goals, which makes her able to take care of herself.

The warrior inside our soul

No woman should give up on herself, because there is no warrior in the world who puts out her light. Very often we forget to honor our struggle, and we underestimate our efforts.

Yet, if we stop and think, we have an infinite number of reasons to surprise ourselves. Precisely for this reason, we should never ignore our interests and we should always make our voices heard to speak our truth.

Because sometimes we ourselves hurt our warrior: when we don't say what we think, when we abandon ourselves to pain, when we let what hurts or makes us angry have more and more power over us. As if we were punishing ourselves, as if it were an inner revenge.

For this, we must let our warrior breathe, and get away from the people who try to subdue her. We have to shout to the whole world that we are here to stand tall, determined.

When we manage to get rid of most of the emotional garbage that obscures our warrior, we will finally feel invaded by the beauty of self-love, by a revitalizing energy, which will make our soul smile.

“If you tried to fit into a model and failed, you probably got lucky. Maybe you will be isolated, but you will have protected your soul… It is worse to be stuck in a place that does not belong to us, than to wander lost for a certain period of time, in search of the psychological and spiritual place we need. It is never a mistake to look for what we need. Never."

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés-

The power of female sentiment

A woman she does not need to be completed by anyone, she may simply like to have someone by her side who accepts her for who she is. She knows how to assert herself, she is an infallible archer with independent objectives, which do not admit submission.

For this reason, the strength of female sentiment demands and demands equality between the sexes, and he wants to finally eliminate the barriers and impositions of a society that has managed to make a part of the female identity sick.

Yet any heart can suffer and be hurt, because many of the things that move between our inner and outer worlds often hurt us.

We have to be careful who can mask their selfishness, and andto avoid playing the narcissistic interests of those who do not respect others, and do not accept any identity that is different from their own.

Very often the lack of commitment and trust hurts us, as does the fragility of certain relationships or the disappointment for the loss of complicity.

Sometimes the warrior of the soul has to silence our mind and work hard to be able to repair, piece by piece, our heart broken by humiliation and sadness. It must repair the damage caused by the hypocrisy of what we have had the misfortune to encounter along the way.

Thanks to this connection, she will be able to revive that strength that allows women's hearts to beat alone, to dress in dignity and celebrate all that is magical and courageous in her, like the mysterious treasure enclosed in a starry night.

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