Factors that subtract energy according to the Dalai Lama

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Factors that subtract energy according to the Dalai Lama

Last update: May 14, 2016

Human beings are made of energy; energy is that force that allows us to reach our goals and improve ourselves by surpassing ourselves day after day. For this reason, it is essential to take care of our energy state, renewing it every day and strengthening every single natural talent we have. Therefore, to become the best version of ourselves for those we love and for humanity.

Aware of the power that energy has over us and the strength that derives from it for the personal growth of each of us, the Dalai Lama has established five factors that rob us of energy. In doing so, it has provided us with the tools to learn how to heal and preserve our energies, avoiding the experiences that prevent us from making the most of them.

“They say our enemy is our best teacher. With a teacher at your side, you can learn the importance of patience, control and tolerance, but you don't have the opportunity to really put them into practice. True practice only manifests itself in the face of the enemy "

-Dalai Lama–

Accept the present moment

We live in an era where tomorrow and the future prevail over the present, the here and now. We neglect the power of every moment, we don't think about enjoying the moment we live in and we get lost in plans for the future that prevent us from appreciating what we already have. This phenomenon leads us to reject the negative situations that arise in everyday life, unable to understand that we are not given control over everything.

Accepting therefore becomes a gesture to be adopted like a mantra. When we accept that we cannot change things, we are given the opportunity to change our plans and open ourselves to new opportunities.

"Accept. It is not resignation: nothing involves greater expenditure of energy than opposing and fighting a situation that we cannot change ”.

Rest and advance step by step

The passing of the days is marked by time, as well as nature. In this lies the beauty of our interior fullness, in knowing how to accept time without becoming its slaves. It is well known that there are thousands of different rhythms to follow the time, and that each of us chooses our own. "Give yourself the opportunity to rest when you need it, and the opportunity to act when an opportunity presents itself."

A tale fine, it is essential to understand when is the right time to stop or to take action. If we fail to understand this passage, we lose sight of our being, our nature as human beings and love for ourselves.

We will therefore leave room for the advent of anxiety, sadness and depression that will block us and prevent us from being the best version of ourselves. Take note of some basic tips to successfully overcome these emotional states, always remembering to trace their origin.

Surround yourself with the right people

The term "adequate" refers to those who are part of you, who love you with sincerity and commitment, without asking for anything in return. Generous people driven by a noble reason: love.

Those people who make us feel even more alive and free in our purest essence. “Let go of people whose only goal is to share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and judgments about others. Don't be the trash of those who just want to get rid of their garbage "

Take care of your health

Health is the main tool that allows us to understand if we are managing our existence in the most correct way. It works like a thermometer, as our emotional life has a lot to do with biology, and it also manifests itself through our vital organs.

Energy is directly connected with the body, which is why it is essential to provide it with rest, healthy nutrition and time to meditate. “Put your health first. If the body gears aren't working to their fullest, you won't get far. Give yourself a little rest ”.

Make forgiveness your own

Learning to forgive allows us to break free of the past and move on with positivity towards the future, even in those moments when one is assailed by emotions of sadness, anger, resentment and even a thirst for revenge.

However, understanding these feelings and their why, by overcoming them and learning to forgive, will improve our existence, making us aware that we have made the right choice. “Forgive, forget the situations that cause pain, you can always choose to leave the pain of the memory”.

Don't break your promises

Promising means handing over a part of one's heart to the other, since trust originates in love for one's neighbor, for ourselves. Everyone lives their experiences in a completely personal way; this means that sometimes the promises we make can be invaluable for each other. Failure to keep them, therefore, can mean great pain for her or him.

“When you don't keep a promise, ask yourself what held you back. You will always have the right to change your mind, to apologize, to compensate, to find new agreements or to offer a new alternative - but without getting used to it. The easiest way to not forget to make a promise you don't want to keep is to say no from the start ”.

"The essence of the spiritual life is formed by our feelings and our attitude towards others."

-Dalai Lama-

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