There is something more impotent than love: complicity

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There is something more impotent than love: complicity

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Last update: December 14, 2021

We all would like to meet someone whose inner demons understand each other with ours, someone who has the key to our lock, someone with whom we feel safe enough to let ourselves be opened without fear, someone with whom to resurrect our true selves and with whom to be ourselves. 

It is better than love, because everyone discovers a part of the other without the need for words to mediate, but rather a life full of permanence. The complicity is reached with those people who grab us so as not to let the present slip from our hands, while we think about everything that awaits us.

They make love breathe and smile foolishly when you think of coincidence to meet, wherever you are, in one glance.

The body language of complicity

There are glances that say everything and a whole that is filled with glances. What we call complicity is the special union that transcends love, that lets itself be inundated by it and that is understood. Because loving is not only loving, but also knowing how to understand. 

For complicity there are no secrets in looks, gestures or hugs. It is only possible with people who know that even if we tell them all is well, they recognize that it is not. They are not fortune-tellers, but they understand us, beyond appearances and mirages.

The air you breathe is enough to know that the connection is pure fantasy, which goes beyond a smile or a wise glance. An atmosphere is created between two accomplices that turns into a lucky emotional prophecy, which unites feelings and hearts.

A house where souls return

“People believe that a soul mate is like a dress that fits perfectly, and everyone is looking for it for it. Instead it is a mirror that shows you all your limits, and draws your attention to yourself, making you understand that it is time to change your life.

A true soul mate is, for sure, the most important person you can meet, because it demolishes the walls that surround you and wakes you up suddenly ”.

Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

A soul mate is that person who makes you laugh and smile without saying absolutely anything. IS a person who remains, who does not abandon, who becomes proud of the goals you achieve and who, at the same time, does not hesitate to tell you what he really thinks or to scold you if you are wrong.

This does not mean that there will be no misunderstandings or arguments, but even a complicit quarrel can tear down the walls that surround us. This only happens when this person is someone who questions you and does not remain silent in your life, someone who scores a before who will never have an after, and who floods every moment with tenderness.

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