Healing inside to heal outside

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Healing inside to heal outside

Last update: Augusts 09, 2016

How many times have you felt bad for no apparent reason? The tensions we accumulate within us are reflected on the outside. Recent studies have shown that psychological tension can turn into bodily diseases. To heal outside, we must first check what we have inside, our inner conflicts.

Emotional tension inexorably damages the body and does so gradually, manifesting itself through depression, anxiety or stress. The incorrect channeling of inner conflicts can trigger a wide range of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, lupus and leukemia.

When emotions make us sick

On many occasions, we happen to think one thing and say another, to feel one thing and do another, we are not consistent with ourselves for fear of rejection, abandonment, criticism, losing prestige and finally, of the judgment of others. But all this attention to the opinions of others makes us forget our own opinion and this leads to an infinity of interpersonal conflicts.

The emotions we don't express negatively affect our health and are expressed through pain and illness. Our body sends us signals to call attention to the existence of something that needs to be changed, whether they are negative thoughts or distorted beliefs that are now ingrained limiting our life.. Distortions occupy a predominant place since they arise from emotional tensions.

These distorted perceptions and thoughts we have about ourselves, the world and the future lead us to develop dysfunctional moods such as: phobias, depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems and obsessive disorders. Cognitive distortions are errors of thought that the human being constantly uses to interpret reality in an unreal way.

These perceptions are caused by alterations in the processing of information and other emotional rather than relational processes. They may be based on solid unreal beliefs, but the distortions are not beliefs but habits of thinking brought about by negative emotions.

Emotions influence thinking and behavior, so keeping them under control is vital. Any fact, no matter how simple it is, awakens very different emotions. It depends on the limbic system, which makes us consider emotions as part of us and of our way of reacting to the world.

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