Three tips for learning to forgive yourself

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Three tips for learning to forgive yourself

Last update: February 27, 2015

Sometimes life leads us to situations where we cannot see or act clearly or we simply make mistakes and make mistakes. Every day of our life we ​​test ourselves to show our emotions, to share them, to suffer from them or, on the contrary, to ignore them, not feed them and survive in a sort of bubble.

“To err is human,” says the proverb. In fact, making mistakes is a vital part of the emotional learning process. There are no people who do not make mistakes.

Many times, hasty decisions, bad communication or moments of confusion remain inside us like black dots and form part of our soul.

If these feelings of discomfort and anger towards oneself are not attacked from within, we run the risk of adding more and more inches to our emotional armor..

Asking for forgiveness, true forgiveness, is difficult, but in the long run it gives satisfaction. Forgiveness highlights honesty and humility, concepts that contribute to personal growth, the ultimate goal for good emotional health.

But when it comes to forgiving yourself, what happens? Everything changes, we don't turn to other people, it's just us. Below we give you three simple tips to help you overcome this compromising dialogue with the soul.

Some tips to be able to forgive yourself

1. Identify the emotions that led to the guilt. You can deceive yourself many times, but if you reflect even for just five minutes, you will be able to identify the emotions responsible for the sense of guilt: fear, insecurity, envy, etc. These emotions must help you to draw the path that leads to the origin of your behavior. If you do not take this step correctly, then it will not be possible to arrive at forgiveness.

2. Take responsibility. It is very important to keep in mind that actions have consequences. Taking responsibility for your actions involves a sincere effort to understand and accept the mistakes you have made. This will make you mature and you will be stronger in the face of reality. You will get great satisfaction when you get to this point.

3. Knowing how to forgive yourself. The time has come and you have to face it. Based on the results of the previous points, give yourself the opportunity to be who you are, to accept the fact of living with fears, insecurities and emotions that change your path, to understand that failure is lawful, making mistakes is allowed. Learning from past inner experiences is the exercise to do so that the soul coexists with these sensations and knows how to manage them correctly..

These simple rules can be of great help and serve as a guide for you to be able to live with guilt and lack of forgiveness in the beginning.. If you gradually let the soul become imbued with these sensations, over time they will become emotional "problems" with a solution and an answer.

Life will deal with putting you in front of new or similar situations to those you have already experienced in the past and at that point your inner self will be able to react in a healthy and natural way, with more than positive consequences on your emotional health..

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