The serenity of the soul

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The serenity of the soul

Last update: January 21, 2015

We will never be able to understand how much harm the combination of physical and soul pain can do to us. The only option is to have serenity in carrying this heavy weight on our shoulders: it is the only remedy that can give some peace to our lives, which often feel frustrated and hopeless.

When our body gets stressed or agitated, adrenaline is automatically activated, a hormone that prepares us to defend ourselves and that predisposes us in particular to attack. This causes us greater anxiety, anguish, fear, etc., as well as decreasing our control, making it difficult for us to keep calm and calm, both mentally and physically. As if it were a mathematical formula, all of this will increase the temptation to rush into making decisions, get into the sea and burst when we reach the limit of our ability to bear.

The tranquility, serenity and calm will help us to obtain the beneficial luxury of peace. And this peace will also help us to give and give ourselves the attention we need, to reflect and meditate introspectively (by observing within us, evaluating our behavior) or in a contemplative way (appreciating and valuing the external world that surrounds us and what happens to us).

Anyway, peace and serenity will force us to get in touch with ourselves, to meditate to get to know each other better, to pay attention to the quantity and weight of fears, offenses and feelings of guilt that we accumulate and that, unknowingly, they hurt us so much in the course of life.

Meditation and reflection will inevitably force us to absorb all the serenity necessary to appreciate life equally, evaluate our relationships in a lucid way and keep our attitude and our thoughts free from harmful elements. Gradually our behavior and our intentions will move away from useless conflicts. And, most importantly, when we will be able to associate the "domain of serenity" with the ability to bear our loneliness as the only companion, without making a drama of it and without running away from ourselves, without causing noise with our fears ... Only then, we will have really gained ground.

Why who is able to appreciate and live with his loneliness, will not depend on anyone else's reflection and will not need to lose his self-esteem for his worth to be recognized. Simply, will have learned a respect others and himself.

Stop and meditate for a minute a day, practice calm, serenity, stillness. So that your life and that of all those around you are infected with the benefits of living in peace and harmony.

“The world is a mirror which gives back to each one his image” (William Thackerry).

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