The importance of knowing why

The importance of knowing why

Have you ever consciously asked yourself why you are doing something?

A definition of why

Taking the definition from the Treccani vocabulary: under the semantic aspect, the word why expresses mostly causal or final relationships; As an adverb, in direct or indirect interrogative sentences, it serves to ask the cause, the reason why a given fact occurs or does not occur, or even the purpose for which something is done or not done, since the distinction between the sign. causal and the ending.

The reasons behind why

The degree you graduated with, the job you are doing now, the country you live in, the holiday destination you went to last time… .. why did you choose this? We have talked about limits here. You know that limits start in your mind, the next step to free yourself from your limits is know why.

Why do you want to break free from your limits?

What will help you? Where are you going?

If limitations are your obstacles, then they prevent you from reaching something on the other side. So what exactly is something? That goal, dream, or plan you had - why is it meaningful to you?

These are absolutely essential questions to ask, because without a clear direction, your efforts and energies are scattered in different directions without any solid results. So in order to find that clear direction, you need to understand your purpose. Purpose is what differentiates the motivated from the unmotivated, the achievers from the unsuccessful, and the happy from the unhappy.

And the purpose is supported by two things: To make sense, and to move forward.

With these two things as a foundation, you will have an energy source that will feed you motivational energy endlessly.

So how do you do these two things?

Making sense is simple. Again, simply ask yourself why? Why are you pursuing a certain goal?

If the reason is vague or unclear, then your motivational energy will be the same. While motivation gives you the energy to do something, this energy needs to be concentrated somewhere. So, senseless, there is no direction to focus your energy on. And, eventually you will find yourself losing focus and motivation; this is why some people give up halfway or find themselves stuck.

However, having a meaningful goal doesn't mean you have to change the world or create a huge impact on society. The secret of meaningful work is simple: should value something or someone that matters to you.

The motivation to progress creates momentum, just like a snowball getting bigger and bigger. So to keep going, you have to keep moving. And, the good news is that your progress doesn't have to be huge for you to recognize it. Small amounts of progress can be just as motivating as long as they keep coming.

Creating a simple progress indicator is a great way to visualize your small (and big) wins. They trigger your brain to recognize and recognize them, giving you small stimuli of motivational energy.

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