The fortitude to fight adversity

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The fortitude to fight adversity

Last update: 11 September, 2015

Often life tests us and, even when it doesn't, one of the things that scares us most is to think: “How would I react in this case? For sure if it happened to me, I would die ”. In reality, we are much stronger than we think and we all have a courage within us that grows in the face of adversity.

This is why we cannot live with fear, continuing to think “what if I lose my job?”, “What if my boyfriend leaves me?”, “What if I lose a loved one?”, “What if I get sick?”.

Even if it is not easy to believe, calm always returns after the storm. Even if the first moments are really difficult, when there are no more tears left to cry and we have accepted the fact that life has been unfair to us, an inner strength appears, resilience, which protects us, which makes us grow as people..

All the bad things that happen to us have a positive side even if we are unable to see it.

It may be that at this moment something bad is happening to you, dear readers, and you think you cannot overcome it, that you cannot bear the difficulties or you convince yourself that you have to live forever with the misfortune that haunts you, but ...

Life is made up of passages, phases, moments, good and bad, happy and sad, life is a journey done in this way and we just have to understand it: if one day is cloudy, and also the next and the next, for sure sooner or later the sun will rise again.

Sometimes this star is a bit lazy and tests our patience, other times it surprises us with a bright light after a terrible storm, still others we see from afar some shy ray, which eventually gets closer and closer, flooding us with its light.

This is why you must not forget that there is a strength within you that you did not think you had because you rarely need it. Yes, even if you don't believe it, even if you are convinced that you are a coward and that you do not have enough strength within you.

There is a light within you that will help you in dark times with more force than ever and will surprise you more than you thought.

Once the storm passes, because it always passes, life will surprise you again with another love, another best friend that you otherwise would not have met, a beautiful grandchild or an unexpected journey that will enrich you with smells, tastes and wonderful new ones. landscapes.

When you pause to reflect on the bad things that have happened to you, you think that you have not only survived, but that you have also put strength and tenacity into it and then you will feel happy and satisfied with yourself.

You will feel like that aspiring warrior who finally managed to win his armor and helmet and who has no longer been afraid because he knows that he has already defeated suffering once and has been able to defend himself.

Fight and win, like one of the great gladiators of ancient Rome. Except in your case, the muscles, the strength, are within you.

Something inside you breaks in so many moments, but go ahead, fight, don't let yourself get down on it.

Perhaps this article will help you in difficult times to overcome the fear of bad things that could hit you and to learn to enjoy the good times when they come. Laugh, dance, dream, enjoy every single moment and face life when the time comes.

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