The fear of getting old

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The fear of getting old

Last update: April 26, 2016

Woody Allen, with his usual humor and intelligence, said that life is a deadly inherited disease that is sexually transmitted. This phrase quite truthfully exemplifies what it means to grow old and how unnatural it is to struggle to slow down time for fear of aging.

In recent years the phenomenon of cosmetic surgery is now spreading, with which we try to erase the wrinkles and evident signs of the passing of the years, all only for fear. What if instead we accepted ourselves as we are and thought about making the most of every single moment, rather than thinking about our appearance?

Of course it is important to take care of yourself, eat healthily and play sports, yet there are many actors and actresses who, by dint of retouching their face to appear younger, now seem another person, completely losing their identity. Why are we so afraid of getting old?

 "Nothing makes us age faster than constantly thinking that we are getting old"

-Georg Christoph Lichtenberg-

There comes a time for everyone when, walking down the street, a teenager asks us something, addressing us with the term "sir" or "lady". In a second everything changed, since we become aware of the passage of time, of the fact that we are no longer the young people we believed, even if a youthful spirit reigns intact within us.

Gerascophobia, the fear of getting old

A phobia is an irrational fear that can have consequences on a person's quality of life, generating a constant climate of anxiety. People with gerascophobia are afraid of getting old and live in terror of the signs of decay which, with the passage of time, becomes more and more evident.

This phenomenon happens because old age is often associated with negative aspects such as diseases, loss of mobility, a different appearance and the appearance of wrinkles on the face, as well as a general deterioration of the state of health.

Gerascophobia usually occurs around the age of thirty, in conjunction with the appearance of the first signs of the passage of time, coming to generate in some cases a strong anxiety. Behind the fear of aging, it is possible to trace many causes, such as the tendency to associate old age only with negative aspects, forgetting the learning and wisdom that can only be acquired with the passage of time.

A cause of geracophobia can be linked to the images with which the media constantly bombard us and to the value that our society places on youth. But the most important cause is perhaps the fear of being alone and helpless during the last years of our life.

Reasons not to fear the passage of time

There is no doubt that the passing of the years brings with it a wisdom and a level of experience that could not be acquired in any other way. These are extremely positive aspects to which it is good to attribute the right value, these being the reasons why we should celebrate every time the birthday is celebrated.

The following Here are some reasons not to be afraid of the passage of time and encourage you to look on the bright side of this splendid phase of life.

The value of wisdom

Over the years, we gain experience and skills that allow us to better face the ups and downs of life. The wisdom derived from the passage of time allows us to make decisions, overcome fears and maintain serenity in the face of the most complicated situations.

 "Cowardice ages us more than time, the years only wrinkle the skin, while fear wrinkles the soul"

-Facundo Cabral-

Learn to find out who we are

Thanks to the experiences acquired throughout our life, we learn to understand who we are, to know us and to know how to manage our strengths and weaknesses.. We learn to increase our authenticity because we leave behind the fear of what others will say or think. Getting to know yourself is one of the most difficult tasks of your life, but at the same time it is one of the most rewarding.

Feel comfortable

When you are young, you particularly care about your appearance, what you say and do. Over time, however, we learn to love and appreciate each other, to live in peace with ourselves. Our self-esteem is strengthened and we learn to fully respect ourselves until we reach a state of ease and well-being.

 "The greatest salvation there is is to know oneself."

-Galileo Galilei-

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