The day I started loving myself

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The day I started loving myself

Last update: 16 March, 2018

The day I started loving myself, I could notice all those things I was missing out on when I didn't take myself into consideration. Aspects that I had kept in my interior and that I had never imagined. I realized how brave I am and above all that I needed to tell myself. The day I started loving myself I could see myself through the mirror and, strangely, I liked what I saw. And from that moment I became aware of my importance.

The day I started loving myself, I realized that I didn't need anyone and I defeated the fear of abandonment and rejection. Because I don't need the others, but I prefer them by my side. From that moment I appreciate all the people around me much more. Now I understand the fact that others do not fill any voids; if something is missing, this something is not filled with what resides outside but with what is inside. Relationships do not fill gaps, they simply accompany, give affection and create moments.

My pace of life changed the day I started loving myself. I went from always rushing to feeling present with my feet on the ground. Now I take advantage of every moment and instead of not waiting, I live the wait, making it intense and much more fun. Thanks to this day, my vision of love has also changed. Now I know that loving also means accepting failures and knowing how to remedy it and that loving yourself, in some way, also implies putting up with yourself and realizing that we are not perfect. In fact, I realized that self-love requires a lot of long-term work.

The day I started loving myself, I started investing in myself, so as not to put me aside. That same day I learned that my decisions have led me to where I am today and I like that, with my pros and cons, but I like where I am and, consequently, how I am.

Sometimes looking outside is not the solution: when I started to love myself

Loving me is the best decision I've made. Thanks to it, I know that I can only start looking for material externally once that process of internal reconstruction, adjustments and changes has been completed. It is essential to get everything right and not to leave unresolved issues. My thoughts and emotions, all my behaviors are making me be as I am, together with what surrounds me. For this reason, when something goes wrong, I have to look inside first and then outside.

Maybe looking for something and not finding it is a sign that I am looking in the wrong place. Sometimes, you also need to give up. Starting to love myself taught me that. And not only this, but also that I still have a long way to go. But it doesn't matter because I have a great motivation: to be the best version of myself, that is, to practice self-love every day of my life.

"You yourself, just like anyone else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."


Loving me doesn't mean being selfish

Loving myself does not mean being selfish or narcissistic, but it is simply a fundamental aspect that leads me to realize who I really am and that helps me to be happy. Because if I love myself, I don't need to be superior, nor to compete; not even to be the best, but simply to improve and advance towards my goals.

The day I started to love myself I made the most of it and from that moment on I have lived with passion. I love myself, yes and I say it out loud. It doesn't scare me, I protect myself and let myself go, I appreciate what's out there even more and I like being surrounded by people and being loved, but not because I feel inferior or because I need it, but because it makes me happy and I experience it intensely.

The day I started loving myself was magical. I just want that day to come for you too so you can feel how fabulous you are; because so you will find out all that you have inside and that you do not show because of fear and above all how much you can take advantage of your own company. I have already begun to love me, and what are you waiting for?

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