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The cart of emotions

Last update: July 19, 2015

“A little girl was walking with her father when the latter suddenly stopped in the middle of a bend in a road. 

After a short silence, he asked his daughter:

-What do you feel, child?

The little girl paid attention by honing her ears. A few seconds later, she replied: 

-Dad, I hear the sound of a cart approaching.

-Very good- replied the father, -you're right, an empty cart is approaching.

The little girl, astonished, asked:

-How do you know it's an empty cart if you haven't seen it yet?

Then the father replied: 

-It is very easy to understand when a cart is empty, from the noise it makes. The more empty it is, the more noise it makes. 

The little girl became an adult and every time she met a person assuming what she possessed, she had the impression that she heard her father's voice saying: 

-The more a cart is empty, the more noise it makes. " (Folk tale)

At this point, try to visualize the cart.

We could assume that the more empty the cart, the more beautiful perhaps the image we have. 

We imagine it large, perfectly clean, with rattles on the sides, bright colors, without a minimum of dust or dirt. As if he had forgotten his purpose or the purpose for which he was created. We imagine him superb walking his way making a lot of noise.

The same thing happens with people. The more empty they are inside, the greater the noise of their presence, as if they had rattles that ring out announcing them.

People without a soul, without inner wealth, mask their shortcomings with empty talk, fill their hands with valuables, waste their time on trivial things because they want to feel valid inside.

They warn when they arrive, like a cavalry regiment, because their greatest fear is that we will not notice their presence.

Maybe their cart is so empty that they want to fill it at the expense of ours. And these energy thefts are very subtle, but they can severely damage our cargo.

Protect yourself from these people. Learn to identify them, just as the child's father could distinguish an empty cart from the noise it made. Balance is essential

Assuming that we don't want to be people with an empty cart, the next step is to decide what we want to put in it. Be careful though! Do not fill it too much, otherwise the board may not bear the weight and break.

You can choose what to fill your cart with, without forgetting that beauty lies in the harmony of the whole.

Don't load it too much, think about space. Put in the right and necessary emotions. Well-being resides in balance.

Take care to bring love and happiness with you. the sadness, the surprise, the pain. Basic emotions are necessary. None of them can exist without the others. For one to develop, the other four must be included.

- Love to be great.

- Joy to share it.

- Sadness to appreciate happiness.

- Surprise for daydreaming.

- Pain to go on.

Essential emotions weigh a lot, so the cart will make much less noise.

Be sure to also include emotions that waste your energy, such as jealousy, envy or resentment.. Their presence will make you open your eyes to the authenticity of true emotions. If you want to lighten the weight, don't hesitate to get rid of it.

Don't forget to always carry with you the most important thing of all: humility. Humility is what distinguishes a full cart from an empty and noisy one. Do not let pride make room in the cart, because humility builds, pride destroys.

Don't take fifteen friends on board, bring one that's worth twenty. Someone to help you feel love, happiness and surprise, and give you a hand when you are sad or grief. Don't waste space unnecessarily.

The trophies and medals you have won leave them on the ground. Disconnect from it. Excessive weight could cause you to stagger and even go astray. True goals are kept in the heart, so get rid of the cups.

This way, your cart will be as complete as possible. Being so quiet, it is likely to create an aura of mystery and passersby may want to check what you carry so quietly, what treasure is hiding in your cart.

Allowing them to discover your secrets is a sign of true humility. Paradoxically, your cart will be the most beautiful of all.

Do not live to notice your presence, but to feel your absence.

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