The 6 legs of my spider, the basis of personal growth

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The 6 legs of my spider, the basis of personal growth

Last update: 30 September, 2015

Today we want to share with you the precious metaphor of 6 legs of my spider. Read on and you will discover the most amazing pillars that we can and deserve to enjoy in our life, useful for our personal growth.

This metaphor compares each of us to a small spider with 6 legs supporting it, each of them it is as important as the others. These 6 legs are our foundations, what sustains us and helps us to move forward with happiness and enthusiasm, allowing us to move forward or backward in our personal growth process.

What are the 6 legs of the spider?

- Paw number 1: Friendship. This is one of the fundamental pillars of the social life of every human being. Having full and sincere relationships fills us with happiness and allows us to learn every day and advance in our personal growth process. For this reason, it is important to cultivate friendships, always remembering that they are the ones who take care of us.

Work on yours dignity in a balanced way, trying to put aside pride. Strive for those who deserve it and learn to be determined and to say no when you think it is necessary.

Evaluate those around you and beware of toxic relationships, which will only make you waste emotions and make you suffer unnecessarily. Above all, remember that quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to personal relationships. Don't forget it!

- Paw number 2: Love. Love is the basis of all vital movements. We all want to be loved and desired, but always starting from the basis of true, authentic and positive feelings.

The most important love of all is what we need to feel for ourselves. If we are in a relationship with the person we love, we need to care for and understand them. In order to have a healthy romantic relationship, you need to cultivate patience and establish good communication.

- Paw number 3: The I as a person. As we said before, we often neglect our personal needs and focus only on those around us. The key is not to forget about yourself.

Our appearance it is the mirror of ours inner state and for this reason it is clearly seen when we take care of ourselves or not. Take some time for yourself, do what you want to do, don't think about what others expect from you, and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to the activities you enjoy most.

Always seek to dedicate some time to yourself, because you really deserve it. If you know how to love yourself, you will know how to love others. For this purpose, physical and mental health are essential. Play sports and spend time immersed in nature. It will allow you to get in touch with your inner self and stimulate the production of hormones of happiness and contentment.

- Paw number four: The family. There comes a time for everyone when we realize that we are not the center of the universe and we understand the importance of the support our parents represent: the importance of family. Take care of them. It is true that in all families there is always a "black sheep", but it is also true that, often, it is the same person who visited you when you were sick or offered you a hand when you needed it.

Give them the benefit of unconditional love and stop complaining for one and the other. If you stop for a moment to really reflect on the feelings around you, you will realize how lucky you are. And remember, you are lucky even in the worst situations, don't forget that.

We suggest you do a general cleaning and start over, why not give it a chance? Try and perhaps you will be surprised to discover how much you are loved, how much your family members give you and that there is no truer love than that of a father, a mother, a brother or a grandfather. This is one of the most important paws, which we often underestimate. Don't wait for these people to start disappearing from your life to realize it.

- Paw number five: Work and professional life. This paw can be summed up in a few questions you have to ask yourself: what do you like ?; what worries you ?; are you motivated in your work?

We devote most of our time to our work. So, do you really think you live for something you don't like? Ask yourself this question and you will see that it will make you reflect and open new doors for you.

We all deserve to live for ours dreams and achieve the goals our heart desires. If you are able to dream it, you are able to do it and you have all the resources to obtain it.

Dare and go for your happiness instead of spending hours complaining. The fact that you are now adults does not mean that you can no longer start studying something you like, quite the contrary. It is more likely and admirable that you will achieve your goals thanks to the life experience accumulated over the years.

- Paw number six: Hobbies and free time. As José Mujica, former President of Uruguay, wisely said: “When I buy something, I don't buy it with money, but with the time of my life that it took to earn it”. Based on this great quote, you have already realized that when you don't take care of yourself and don't take care of yourself some free time, are you simply living to work?

Is very important learn to enjoy your time doing the things you like, with the people we love and care about, to continue strengthening our inner growth.

Don't just think about work and suffering. Be sincere, you are in this life to learn and, above all, to enjoy the precious moments. You need to be responsible for your job and career, but don't forget to prioritize who you are. Get rich with all that life offers you and enjoy every moment.

We hope that this precious metaphor will fill your heart with happiness and optimism, as it is the basis for personal growth.

Even if you think you need to take more care of one of your paws, don't worry. This does not mean that the other legs are also having problems or that they need as much care.

The 6 legs give you stability and help each other, don't forget that. Take care to heal them, give them all your love and, above all, your spider heart.

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