Sweet words: they are useless if they embitter

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Sweet words: they are useless if they embitter

Last update: May 09, 2020

Each of us has our own way of relating to others, a characteristic way of doing that is sensitive to circumstances. Thus, we can talk about more affable people and others more reserved. People who find it less difficult to trust and others who find it more difficult. On another level, we can talk about people who convey bitterness and others who are specialists in the use of sweet words.

When we relate to the latter, it is easy to seem to hear a beautiful melody. They treat us well and know how to criticize using sweet words that do not hurt, without ever being false. They are direct, but sensitive.

"Don't trust sweet words, many have sugar in their mouth and poison in their hearts."

People who make our life bitter, what are they like?

Some people lead us to believe that meeting them is the best thing that has happened to us in life. They use sweet words, they tell us exactly what we want to hear.

Spesso with their compliments, they seek our approval and try to make us feel good. Sometimes they even manage to pursue both goals. In any case, when the speeches are not sincere, the actions betray.

For example, someone may tell us that we are great parents, but they never let us play with their children. The person in question utters good words, sweet words, but his actions hurt us. Despite this, sometimes we find it hard to forget them. Even if we understand their words are not true, we fall into the temptation to wallow in them.

It is as if for a moment we forget the harm they have done to us. These words produce such a feeling of security and confidence in us that we have a hard time understanding that they are actually lying to us.

When those who use sweet words make our life bitter

If sweet words are proven wrong by deeds, they are likely to make our life bitter. In addition, they usually have the following characteristics:

  • Little sincerity. When we notice the first lie, we begin to doubt everything the person has shared with us or we suspect that their intentions are different from what they expressed.
  • Lack of spontaneity. Lying is complicated, requires a lot of memory and a lot of self-control.
  • Disinterest. Even if we tell the person that their behavior makes us feel unwell, they will not do anything to change it.
  • Handling. With his words the person makes us feel guilty for not having acted as we should, according to his criterion. He does not hesitate to manipulate our speeches to use them in his favor.

People who surround us with sweet words to take advantage of us don't deserve our attention. They are just trying to hurt us or to gain personal benefit. If you feel trapped in the words of someone who does not behave well with you and who often makes you feel bad, you are faced with a person who is making your life bitter.

This certainly does not mean that anyone uses sweet words have an ulterior motive, there are those who are really sincere.

How to protect yourself from those who make life bitter?

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to protect yourself from the people who make our life bitter. This is especially true if they use sweet words. However, there are various strategies that can help:

  • Establish a limit.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Valuing yourself.

Protecting ourselves from people who make life bitter is our responsibility. If we can set limits, why not do it? If we prioritize ourselves, it will be easier to protect ourselves and use our time wisely.

Protect yourself from those who use sweet words to embitter

Protecting ourselves from people who use sweet words as a disguise helps us get rid of their poison. Over time, in fact, they become toxic and they do so gradually, that when we realize it it is too late.

Setting limits helps to:

  • Be calmer.
  • Release the stress.
  • Feeling less guilty.
  • Be more confident.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Get to know each other better.
  • Greater harmony.
  • Focus more on the most important things.

Self-knowledge is the best ally to put limits on a person who uses sweet words, but makes life bitter. A greater connection with yourself allows you to be more assertive.

Don't let your life become hell. Remember that there is a wide range of sweeteners, avoiding them is primarily up to you. Why pay attention to those who use beautiful words, but treat us badly? It is useless to use sweet words if you then make life bitter.

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