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Sweet love story

Last update: May 15, 2015

That night, Princess Frog slept peacefully wrapped in her silk sheets. She wore a fine lace nightgown and, warmly under her goose duvet, made a dream marvelous…

A splendid feast was being celebrated in the pond. A thousand colored lanterns illuminated the scene, hung between the foliage of the trees that surrounded the area. Guests could enjoy fresh spring water served in blown glass goblets and baskets full of fresh fruit already cut into delicious bites. For those who wanted to rest between one dance and another, small chairs were placed under the trees with thicker foliage.

Everyone in the Pond Kingdom had worked hard for months to make the party a success. The Queen had been in charge of drawing up the guest list, and the envelopes with the invitations had piled up on the desk in the royal study. King Rodrigo had therefore had to eliminate several names from the Queen's long list, to ensure that all the guests were comfortable in the pond. The young Princess Frog had the task of choosing the most suitable dishes and tablecloths for that open-air party. She had gone in search of simple but elegant details to match her guests.

Prince Toad soon arrived at the party. He wore a suit tailored for him by the finest tailor in the Pond Kingdom. On his head she wore a glittering crown, along with the red cloak that distinguished toads of his rank. He had dressed up as best he could and smelled of rose water, honey and almonds.

From the first moment she saw him, Princess Frog knew that one day he would be her husband. And Prince Toad knew she would be his bride. Throughout the evening the two did nothing but look for each other's gaze, mingling among the guests. Prince Toad was shy, and Princess Frog was even more so. Thus, neither of them had the courage to take the first step and confess their feelings. Princess Frog was so silent that she looked like a statue. And Prince Toad seemed to have his paws glued in the middle of the green lawn. Neither of them managed to be strong enough to break that spell that kept them chained and, thus, the party ended and the guests began to leave one at a time.

Season after season, time passed in the merry Pond Kingdom. The autumn wind carried away the leaves of the trees and the flowers began to hide from the bad weather. When the white flakes of winter settled on the pond, the cold made the trees fall asleep, and the inhabitants of the kingdom took refuge in their homes, accessing the hearths. When spring returned, all the inhabitants of the Pond Kingdom began to look out timidly again, while nature woke up yawning, to enjoy the first rays of sunshine.

When summer came, everything happened exactly as in Princess Frog's dream. Although, this time, with a happy ending.

It was King Rodrigo's XNUMXth birthday party. The pond had been decorated with colorful lanterns, and fragrant branches of wild flowers rested in the middle of each buffet table. The splendid Prince Toad stood in the middle of the crowd. Princess Frog looked beautiful in her holiday dress, ready for the prom. The Prince gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead, knelt down to ask for her hand, and the two promised each other. eternal love.

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