Sometimes, the "forever" lasts only a second

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Sometimes, the "forever" lasts only a second

Last update: April 28, 2016

There are moments that remain in our memory forever, even though they only last a moment. Seconds that we do not want to end and that take our breath away. Have you ever experienced one of these magical moments, where one second becomes eternal?

We know that "forever" does not exist, it is an illusion; just as we are, everything around us is ephemeral. Paradoxically, for us, an instant can become eternal; this phenomenon goes beyond the laws of physics, it deals with transcendental and metaphysical moments.

Even the most skeptical people have experienced these inexplicable moments. This often happens during falling in love, as it is a phase filled with enthusiasm, passion and hope. These are moments that we will keep forever in our sentimental and emotional repertoire. For how many years have passed, we are still able to remember that moment with that person.

A "forever" is made up of moments that have caressed our soul.

Eternal moments

The moments that become eternal are those that give meaning to our life. Do you remember anyone? Surely you can recall a particular scene with all its details: your feelings, a look, a contact, a kiss, your heart beating fast, a sound, an image. A magical moment captured by all your senses.

Then we return to our daily duties, routine, ups and downs, responsibilities, habits, haste, decisions to be made and, nevertheless, none of this can erase those moments that have marked our life, which have remained. recorded in our retinas. They remain intact and indelible, despite the new situations.

This is what life is made of, of moments, and this is why we must enjoy the here and now without getting lost in a thousand worries, that already take up too much space in our mind. Being aware of this fact can help us to give less importance to the issues that torment us and to give more to the small details that expand our experiences.

“I believe in the eternal life of this world. There are moments when time suddenly stops, to make room for eternity. "

(Fëdor Dostoevskij)

Get lost in the promise of "forever"

Who has never made a promise? Who has never said "forever"? The point is that there are particular circumstances that we all go through, in which reason and logic have no room. We promise love, affection, attention, absolute sincerity, eternal fidelity and happiness. We get lost in words, without thinking about the strength they possess and the illusions they feed.

All these phrases and words end up losing their meaning and value, given that, at some point, experience gets in the way and disappointments begin to accumulate one after the other in the deepest part of us. We often feel cornered by circumstances, only to realize that what we had or promised us no longer makes sense.

If we seek security in promises, we will end up bumping our heads against the reality of disillusionment. Clinging to a "forever" is like putting a blindfold on for not wanting to see reality, thus denying and rejecting our nature.

These messages have their own particular meaning when they are pronounced, and it is good to understand that we are ephemeral beings, as are our behaviors and everything that we contemplate and that revolves around us.

Keep building magical moments

We are the managers, the protagonists and the artisans of each of our happiest moments. All the unique and unrepeatable moments that remain among our memories are sacred. The places we went to, the sensations we experienced, the sincere feeling that all of this would last forever ...

When we are alone and we remember all our moments of love, we are filled with satisfaction and the conviction that it was worth it. Betrayals, frustration, resentment and disillusionment are things that pass, that are forgotten, that are fading thanks to understanding and new hopes.

When our energy flows into the present, we are fully aware of that moment, and we don't get stuck in the past; we are ready to live new experiences, full of magical moments, to be incorporated into the repertoire of what has really made sense in our existence.

Moments, people, situations, places. The magical moments are housed in our experience, in our decisions and in our attitude. Anything that has the potential to change our inner world has a special meaning. This is why it is vital to be receptive to such changes. And you, are you ready to live and keep new magical moments of your life?

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