Sixty-five reasons to be happy

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Sixty-five reasons to be happy

Last update: June 13, 2015

It is customary to say that happiness is ethereal, that it is savored every now and then and for a short time. However, we disagree with this idea, not at all. Happiness is found in small things and in everyday life, you just need to know how to live them. We invite you to discover a list of things to follow to be happy.


1. Discover a poem and read it many times to immerse yourself in its metaphors.
2. The smell of wet earth after a storm.
3. A book to start.
4. The smile of a stranger crossed in the street.
5. Waking up every morning to find that you can stay in bed a few more hours.
6. A dream to come true.
7. A wish to ask by blowing out the candle on the birthday cake.
8. The sound of the sea on a summer evening.
9. Discover a secret whispered in your ear.
10. Learn a new thing every day.
11. Finding out that yesterday's pain doesn't hurt that much.
12. Open a window and let the breeze envelop you.
13. Arrive home and be greeted by our dog who is delighted to see us.
14. Being disheveled from the wind on a summer afternoon.
15. The fleeting smell of a rose with thorns.
16. Plan a trip. Embark on the journey.
17. Meeting on the street with an old friend.
18. The laughter of their children.
19. The smell of the pages of a book.
20. An unexpected kiss.
21. Our footprints on the sand of a beach.
22. Remembering a smell from our childhood.
23. The taste of chocolate.
24. A painting that we would never stop looking at
25. Learn. To discover.
26. A hot shower.
27. The purr of our cat in our arms.
28. The relief of tears.
29. Stomach pain from laughing too much.
30. That movie we'll never get tired of.
31. A caress in silence.
32. A trip without a precise destination and with only one backpack.
33. The smell of freshly cut grass.
34. Summer storms.
35. The bright afternoons of spring.
36. The sweet autumn melancholy.
37. A look that observes us. A smile that seduces us.
38. Seduce. Conquer.
39. Finish a book. Start two at a time.
40. Hugging your child.
41. Listen to that song we love so much.
42. Getting home.
43. Write a letter. Send this letter.
44. The morning dew on the leaves.
45. Seeing ourselves attractive in front of the mirror.
46. ​​Discover a new flavor.
47. A breakfast in bed.
48. Adopt an abandoned animal.
49. The smiles of friends and complicity with them.
50. An instant of solitude.
51. A fleeting star on a cloudless night.
52. A wish fulfilled.
53. Feel free.
54. Feeling united with someone.
55. Overcoming a fear.
56. An I love you at midnight.
57. A wrinkle on the face, a new project every day.
58. Getting rid of worries.
59. Keep your fears in a trunk and go out for a walk hand in hand with the person you love.
60. Making good memories every day.
61. Discover a new word.
62. Turn off the phone and see who is in front of you.
63. Being a child five minutes a day.
64. Cry of happiness.
65. The voice of the people you love.

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